Polygon Co-founder Revealed a Snippet of zkEVM

Polygon Launches zkEVM Public Testnet to Increase Scalability
  • The skeptical crowd will sweep in to Web3 through Polygon’s zkEVM inaugural.
  • Explicit and mathematical assurance of the zk provides security of transactions.

Mihalio Bjelic, co-founder of Polygon discussed a few developments in the polygon zkEVM and the effect on the network post Ethereum-merge. The conversation was carried out during the Decrypting Mainnet 2022 event on 28th September. 

For a question about the adoption of Web 3 and crypto in day-to-day life and the polygon’s initiative to make it simpler, Mihalio expressed the importance of scaling. The pressing need of the hour is to bring in as many users as possible to adopt the current tech. 

As well, in general, people have started realizing the importance of Web 3. The minor skeptical crowd is also expected to sweep in through Polygon’s zkEVM inaugural. He also mentioned the various projects in line for scaling up the network users.

Mihalio Bjelic stated:

“Polygon is an unopinionated platform”

Further, the discussion was over the effect on Polygon’s network post the Ethereum merge. The carbon emission control has brought many large enterprises functioning on Web 2 to the network. The list of giant firms includes Starbucks, Meta, and much more. But the scalability of the network has not undergone much of a change. 

Polygon’s zkEVM

Adoption of zero-knowledge (zk) technology has both pros and cons, and Mihalio explained it in terms of Polygon’s functionality. “Explicit and mathematical assurance” of the technology provides security of transactions. In comparison to optimistic rollup which is reactive security, zk is a proactive technology.

Polygon’s co-founder is also “very bullish” about the factor that zk will not allow any malicious transactions to be submitted on the Mainnet. Looking into the struggling part, the implementation is complex and certain operations of zk are very hard to prove theoretically to gain confidence.

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