Polygon Co-founder Moves 100M USDC to Vitalik Buterin From Crypto Relief

Polygon Co-founder Moves 100M USDC to Vitalik Buterin From Crypto Relief
  • Crypto Relief takes on new strategies to deliver the best out from its crypto donations.
  • Founder, Sandeep Nailwal plans to send 100 million USDC to Vitalik Buterin. 
  • Vitalik Buterin to make use of the money investing and creating more profits for the Crypto Relief.

When you are not confident or capable enough to do something, then give it to the hands of the experts who can get the best for you! Seems this was the only motto behind the co-founder Polygon (MATIC), Sandeep Nailwal. 

Accordingly, Sandeep Nailwal will now be joining hands with the Ethereum (ETH) Co-founder, Vitalik Buterin for making use of Crypto Relief’s funds to generate more profits upon investments. 

Polygon Founder’s Tweet

Just a few minutes back, Sandeep Nailwal, who is well known for being one of the co-founder’s of Polygon , puts up a rather long threading tweet, giving an important announcement. Though many could expect that it’s regarding Polygon obviously, but not so. 

Many do not know that Sandeep Nailwal is also the founder of Crypto Relief. The Crypto Relief is actually a non-profit and non-governmental organization in India started by Sandeep Nailwal. The Crypto Relief was ultimately brought into action especially for the COVID-19 crisis, which devised India on large scales. All the funds being received by the Crypto Relief will be moving only towards medical healthcare, funding medical projects and much more.  Apart from all this, the sole goal of the Crypto Relief is to bring in funds from all over the world completely legally, following all rules and regulations. 

In spite of all this, Sandeep Nailwal tweets that he is currently in talks with Vitalik Buterin for transferring certain funds from Crypto Relief to him. 

Sandeep Nailwal’s Views

The tweet actually consisted of several threads continuously, through which Sandeep Nailwal put out his views. Accordingly, Sandeep states that Crypto Relief will be transferring 100 million USDC to Vitalik Buterin. In spite of this, Sandeep Nailwal opens up that investing in crypto projects is actually quite risky and he’s not sure whether he’s the most apt person for it.  

Moreover, he terms that in such conditions he will be transferring about 100 million USDC from Crypto Relief to Vitalik Buterin, who could propagate good profits by good decisive investments. 

Not to forget the fact that, Vitalik Buterin himself has so far donated about 500 ETH and over 50 Trillion SHIB towards the Crypto Relief fund as a good cause.  

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