Polygon All Set For Hard Fork Upgrade Early Next Week

  • Polygon Labs said in its post that the hard fork is scheduled for January 17th.
  • The team is confident in the efficacy of the adjustment since it has already evaluated.

Polygon Labs looks to be pressing through with plans to hard-fork the network early next week. According to a blog post published on Polygon’s website on Thursday. Despite a vigorous community discussion over the topic last month.

Moreover, Polygon Labs said in its post that the hard fork, scheduled for January 17th, will help mitigate network gas cost surges and resolve chain reorgs. Hard forks are not compatible with older versions of the protocol and force all node operators to upgrade their software at the same time.

Not all hard forks are controversial; others are just significant improvements to an existing network. Polygon is an Ethereum sidechain that uses the proof-of-stake method and boasts much-reduced gas prices than the Ethereum mainnet.

Gas Cost and Chain Reorgs Are Main Focus

However, it may still experience slowdowns due to unexpectedly high volumes of traffic. Last year, the NFT game “Sunflower Farmers” caused network congestion at Polygon, much as what happened with “CryptoKitties.”

Polygon claims that increasing the value of the “BaseFeeChangeDenominator” by a factor of two would “help smooth out the increase/decrease rate in baseFee for when the gas exceeds or falls below the target gas limits in a block,” hence reducing gas cost spikes.

Polygon is confident in the efficacy of the adjustment since it has already evaluated it “against historical Polygon PoS mainnet data.”

With this hard fork upgrade, Polygon hopes to reduce another issue, chain reorgs. Due to the nature of reorgs, blockchain networks will briefly divide in two. For the duration of the reorg, this might mean lost or duplicate transactions. Ethereum’s Beacon chain was attacked last year after a reorg exposed the network to potential duplicate transactions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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