Polker Is The Next P2E Gem To Keep An Eye On

Polker launched an early access release for 500 people ahead of the main launch, which has since already taken place. All participants received a limited edition ‘Beta’ NFT (500 only) and users were also allowed to play until the complete launch. All lucky winners should have received an email from the Polker team by now.

Also, the Polker NFT sale is now live (FCFS) on GenShards Market, with the sale ending on 21st March at 1:00 P.M. UTC. All NFTs will additionally be fully functional within the game and have utility for Polker’s own ecosystem. Polker’s team will also be in attendance at the NFT L.A. event from March 28th to March 31st. Finally, the whitelist registration form can be found here and can be filled up until the 20th of March.

Using the best of several industries

The cryptocurrency, NFT, and metaverse industries are becoming increasingly popular, but an important component of this burgeoning digital world to investigate is the interplay with P2E gaming. Everyone appreciates the option to make money while playing a game, but Polker takes it a step further by delivering some amazing graphics to go along with the action.

Furthermore, since Polker uses Unreal Engine 4, there aren’t many comparable games that can give the same level of high-end visuals. This, together with Polker’s metaverse-related abilities, helps make it even more unique.

Future goals and partnerships

Polker has gained a partnership with Polygon regarding its NFTs. Aside from that, other major collaborations have been formed with Unreal Engine, Chainlink, Master Ventures, and BSCPad.

When it comes to prior accomplishments, the Polker team has finished four beta projects, meticulously followed the roadmap, is currently in the final stages of production, and has earned a shout out from world famous pop artist, Akon. In terms of future goals, the team will focus on the full launch as well as more mobile and virtual reality development. After 12 months, the team will also begin development on new games.

About Polker

Polker is the first blockchain-based poker NFT, employing Unreal Engine 4 to offer an immersive and one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It is based on a tried-and-true fair process as well as TRNG technology.

Polker plans to debut on a variety of noteworthy platforms and be affiliated with all kinds of streaming channels that possess advanced VR capabilities and outstanding 3D characters, aesthetics, and virtual environments. Polker aims to be the first blockchain NFT game with metaverse elements that is fully free to play and includes P2E characteristics.

For further information, visit the Polker website as well as the official Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Discord channels.

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