Polkadot Decoded 2022 Events Entry Proposal Date to End in a Week

  • Polkadot Decoded has previously been an online-only event.
  • Several Polkadot’s parachain project leaders will provide keynote speeches.

Proposals are being accepted for the Polkadot (DOT/USD) Decoded event. The community will vote on the best workshop or in-person presentation ideas submitted by developers and community members. This year’s Polkadot Decoded event will be held on June 29 and 30.

There are no barriers to entry at Polkadot Decoded, so presentations from all walks of life are welcome. In addition, Polkadot has devised a set of presentation forms for proposals to guarantee that the program is varied and exciting.

Polkadot Decoded, the network’s annual conference, has previously been an online-only event owing to pandemic precautions. However, first, parachains have been published, and the Polkadot community has developed significantly since then. These parachains will support these new, fully integrated blockchain applications.

Hybrid Event

Polkadot will hold simultaneous events throughout the globe to commemorate the accomplishments achieved in creating a genuinely decentralized network. The Web3 Foundation’s Polkadot Decoded 2022 conference will be held on June 29 and 30 in New York, Berlin, Mexico City, and Shanghai. This event will be hybrid because of the need to accommodate a genuinely global ecosystem and individuals who cannot go to one of the four places.

Several Polkadot’s parachain project leaders will provide keynote speeches during the event. In addition, workshops and hackathons that are dynamic, immersive, and collaborative, as well as a chance for Polkadot community members to network like never before, will be witnessed.

An open call for proposals (CFP) will enable users to submit and vote on ecosystem ideas and activities that they wish to be recognized. There is a March 14th deadline for submissions, after which point they will be presented to the community.

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