Playboy Partners With Sandbox for MetaMansion and NFTs

Playboy Partners With Sandbox for MetaMansion and NFTs
  • Playboy enters into the metaverse. 
  • Complete MetaMansion to be established in Sandbox.
  • More NFTs are expected along the way.

The adult entertainment, Playboy never fails to surprise us in awe. However, this time it’s not with beautiful models in luxury, but instead into the metaverse. Yes, Playboy takes its first leap into the Web3 derivatives and now enters into the metaverse, partnering with Sandbox. 

The Sandbox virtual metaverse ought to be the major technical partner for establishing Playboy into its own metaverse. Together, Playboy and Sandbox will be soon launching the ‘MetaMansion’ into the Sandbox metaverse. 

Inside the MetaMansion

The Sandbox officially came up with the announcement on 12th July 2022 through its Twitter page with a tweet. Upon the tweet, Sandbox states that they are teaming up together with Playboy for bringing out the ‘MetaMansion’. 

The MetaMansion will actually be a virtual metaverse version of their original Playboy Mansion. Also, the MetaMansion will also serve as a ground for social games, other virtual Playboy games, hosting Playboy events, and much more. 

In addition to all this, the MetaMansion will also feature as the main launch ground for all sorts of future Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) from the Playboy line. This new range of NFT collectibles will be launched upon the MetaMansion after the launch of the MetaMansion itself.

Moreover, the MetaMansion will actually be a part of the Rabbitars NFT project all under the Playboy banner. So far, the Rabbitar NFT project has launched about 11,953 bunny avatars NFTs, since October 2021. At the time of launch, each of these NFTs was around the price of $800. 

However, the prices have dropped drastically by more than 75%, now just costing around $200. Playboy has indeed paved a well-set ground for the brand’s future evidently.  

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