Play and Win at CryptoGames Casino

Play and Win at CryptoGames Casino

Bringing new digital entertainment elements like Cryptocurrencies to online gambling platforms turned over the entire gambling industry for the better. Nowadays one of the significant examples of the changes in the industry is online-based casinos’ incorporation of games and financial systems that fully support the most happening digital currencies. Blooming online casinos that have enabled crypto transactions are built with the latest technologies to serve the incoming gamers. This evolution sets the crypto online casinos apart from any other regular casinos for their efficiency and highly innovative architectures. CryptoGames is one of the most efficient and fully functioning crypto-based online casinos that is phenomenal proof of digital evolution in the world of online gambling.

The website offers great games to enjoy both classic gambling and modern technologies in wagering futuristic funds. CryptoGames is sincerely consistent with its services to its players. Of the many incredible elements the casino offers, the biggest attraction of the casino is 10 amazing games supported by the flexible options of 10 cryptocurrencies. Although the games keep the gamblers coming back to the casino, its various wagering policies for every single gambler in the casino keep them as lifelong loyal players. 

Starting with the listed games on the website, follow along to learn more about the casino in detail!


The game consists of a cube of luck that has an amazing chance of wins that range from 0.000 to 99.999. The simple Dice also offers modern touches like progressive Jackpots, and auto Betting along with great winning chances. If a player clears the objective of correctly predicting the result then the outcome will be a winning roll otherwise the game will require you to insert another setting of bet size, amount, etc, and make a prediction.  


CryptoGames players will find the European Roulette with 37 numbers and only one 0 at the casino that offers the European version’s House Edge. Players play the game to win rewards from the American version’s payout table. The roulette wheel is spun once the betting chips have been placed on the betting table according to the players’ determined bet amount. If the game’s objective, correctly choosing the neighbor bets is fulfilled then the players will win a direct profit.


The visually classic game effortlessly resembles an actual slot machine with spinning reels and symbols. The machine spins according to the bet settings. Players need to follow the simple rules of the game and form a line of reels with 5 symbols in the middle row. The symbols can form 7 possibly winning combinations. This means, that if after one spin, the players form any one of the 7, they fulfill the fun objective of the game and get compensated immediately.


Blackjack attracts the players with simple rules in its true modern appearance inspired by the classic version. Players can easily follow the rules of the game and clear the objective by beating the house dealer without crossing 21 points. If the players fulfill the goal and earn 21 points (from the first two cards or by making the house dealer to cross 21 points ) they get immediately compensated when the game ends.


With a structure quite similar to the one from the 80s, the crypto version of Plinko at CryptoGames has 4 different house edges for the 4 different balls offered. On a digital pegged pyramid players aim to fulfill the objective of the game by throwing a ball of their choice down from the pyramid into a winning slot. The winning slots may have different payout values and each color has a specified payout multiplier and house edges. In the end, the total amount of reward will depend entirely on the slot, color picked by the player, and payout table.

Video Poker

Modern Video Poker games are known to have a similar theme as the original Poker games. The version of Video Poker delivers the ultimate gambling experiences in three other variants with three respective house edges along with payout tables. Bonus Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better are the three variants players at CryptoGames try to master by following simple rules. The players try to form the best possible hands to clear the objective of the game. The hands are formed manually and by using a special Hold Feature.


The modern upgraded version DiceV2 has been added to the list of games to complement the original version, Dice.  The game has a lot more modern gaming elements with an objective that is the same as Dice. Players fulfill the objective of the game by predicting the outcome correctly before they begin the game. If a correct prediction about the outcome is made then, the dice rolls on the green zone. The slider can also set the bet size, payout multiplier, and win chances. There is also an open option to place many bets in one take.


The most freshly added creation on the website is Keno which has old-school themes mixed with new-age crypto design. Keno’s visual is similar to the Minesweeper field. Its chic architecture consists of a field where there is a poll of numbers and useful features. Players aim to clear the objective of the game by successfully drawing the lucky numbers from the field. There are useful features to enhance the gaming experience. Keno is one of the simplest games at the casino for beginners right now.


The classic puzzle game’s crypto version appears as one of the easiest games with a highly lucrative reward system. Players choose to explore the game as their top choice for beginning crypto gambling for its highly flexible and rewarding option. By clearing as many or all of the mines in the field, players fulfill the objective of the game on a 5*5 minefield. Players can take out their rewards from the game if they can avoid hitting on any mine. They can also aim for maximum reward by continuing the game until the end. The players can set their difficulty level on the field. 


Lottery tickets are the most classic examples of gambling or games of luck. Many classic gamblers find the Lottery as one of the easiest games to engage in. At CryptoGames, players fulfill the objective of the game by simply winning against their luck at the drawing. From each draw, winners are chosen separately based on the 4 different cryptocurrencies offered for the purchase of tickets. The prize money raised for the winners is raised from the sale entirely and is all handed out to the players.

Jackpot Rewards

Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette encourage the players to experiment and apply more strategies in the games to bag bigger value prizes in each round. The Progressive Jackpots offered in these three games challenge the players to tackle the set of rules and win the Jackpots. Every time a bet’s result matches all the rules stated by the casino, players will have guaranteed chances to win the jackpot. The progressive jackpots will hand out rewards even in the smallest amounts. This means, that players will have the chance to win 1% to 100% of the rewards based on the winning conditions of the bet results. 

Crypto Currencies

Making any transaction of funds is always flexible at CryptoGames since it offers 10 different crypto coins along with great exchange systems (regular and ChangeNow) to support a wide number of Crypto Gamblers. The conversion rates are always updated for the players based on the latest rates and refreshed every 10 minutes. Except for the game of Lottery, all 10 cryptocurrencies are supported for the rest of the games. Players can choose their most preferred coins from the following list to start playing any of the games at the casino:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash for all their transactions.

To Make Transactions

With the coins available in the list of CryptoGames, the transaction system remains smooth and hassle-free for every deposit, and exchange of funds. Transactions can be done in two ways. One where the players can find the systems from the “Your Account” tab to make regular deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges. On the other hand, CryptoGames offers Onramper and ChangeNow which are third-party fiat currency aggregators for credit card users, and a new age exchange system for over 240 cryptocurrencies respectively. In case, the new system is tricky to navigate then players can always process all transactions through the regular transaction systems by simply creating respective deposit or withdrawal addresses from Your Account Tab.

Partake in Monthly Contests

Another highly entertaining element of CryptoGames is their thrilling monthly competitions among the players. Through the events, all players get a chance to aim for bigger prizes like VIP memberships. Monthly contests take place throughout the year where every month the players can show off their skills in front of other players. Here are some of the incredible VIP benefits a player gets to enjoy by making it to the leader board of the contests-

  •  Dice can be played for  0.8% house edge.
  • All winners get to enjoy 0 server delay when they are placing their bets. This advantage can be found regardless of how big or small their bet is. 
  • The coins can be used for better and higher exchange limits 
  • Open VIP chatroom brings together all VIP players and the managers of CryptoGames.
  • VIP tags beside the account name tag.
  •  Birthday gifts of Tier 3 verified players and Monthly vouchers for other winners where the amount may depend on the position they are at on the leader board.

Rewards Upon Registration

With no unwanted delay, CryptoGames offers the most effortless Sign-up process for every new account holder who needs to complete the registration to play. While signing up at the casino, players don’t get bombarded with popups or redirect links. The straightforward registration process can be completed with a unique account name. This means providing a unique username will allow any player to move on to the next stage where they have to agree to the terms and conditions of the casino. At CryptoGames, all players are rewarded right from the registration process. The casino keeps the Play Money reward option open for all new gamblers for allowing them to access the games ( minus lottery ), for free. Upon registering players may claim their first share of Play Money from the “Rewards” tab. Then everyday players can claim the reward based on their level at the casino. To claim them, players do not have to worry about providing any personal or financial information. Free Play Money coins can be requested through the Faucet where their levels start at 0. Then for additional rewards, the casino keeps the Referral Programs or Events open for all where the referrers are rewarded with 15% of the house edge of every bet played by their referred players.

Join a Community for Lifelong Friendly Gambling

Under the supervision of unbreakable security, all the players can enjoy the ever-exciting casino experience while keeping their financial assets safe through Google 2FA applications and SSL encryption. The unbreakable safety measure assures the community of gamblers guaranteed protection of both their user data and funds simultaneously. Every element in the casino caters to the needs of the community in a respectful environment where all incoming gamblers can play without having to face any biased processing. The thrill of the casino comes solely from fair gambling at all times. CryptoGames not only aims to promote responsible gambling through amazing policies but also upgrades itself to meet all the futuristic goals a modern crypto casino should fulfill. The website of CryptoGames is hence, a great space for any gambler seeking the unlimited thrill of modern gambling.

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