PlanB Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Hitting $100K Before Christmas!

Bitbull Capital CEO Claims BTC to $100K in 2023
  • BTC hits again a new ATH clocking at $67,651.27.
  • PlanB predicts BTC to surpass $100K before Christmas.
  • PlanB gives the first breakthrough to hit $98K.

Yet, once again Bitcoin (BTC) creates a record for itself, surpassing it’s previous ATH. Upon the early hours of November 9 and late hours of November 8, the market for BTC turned up completely bullish. 

In spite of this, now the new ATH of BTC is at $67,651.12. Apart from this, the overall market cap for BTC spiked above $1 million. This adds even more to the date, making it into the history of BTC. 

Moreover, with all the hype surrounding BTC always, one of the most profuse and renowned analyst and crypto geek, going by the anonymous name PlanB, puts out his views and predictions of BTC. 

Accordingly, PlanB terms that BTC would hit the six digit figure for the first time, by the end of year 2021. In such terms, BTC is ought to touch $100K before Christmas most probably. 

Rather, before that a break point of $98K is to be achieved. In addition, if BTC hits $98K, by the second week of December, then for sure $100K will be the next ATH before the end of the year.

PlanB’s BTC Predictions

The anonymous analyst, PlanB has recently gained a huge fan following and is often noted in the crypto industry, due to his accurate and precise BTC predictions. 

In regards to the method by which PlanB predicts all the closing ends for BTC, PlanB uses the old method of Stock-to-Flow (S2F). 

Using this, the S2F method, PlanB’s predictions for the month of August and September closings were so accurate. Besides, teh same rightnow is expected for the month of November too. 

Also, PlanB terms that there are high chances for BTC to touch $98K within November, and soa if that happens then the year end price of BTC would be above $100K.

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