Pizza Giant ‘Papa Johns’ Launches Free NFT Giveaway in the UK

  • NFT fans can enjoy a glimpse of the NFT universe.
  • Limited-edition hot bags will also be sold on Depop.

As part of the metaverse’s largest-ever FREE NFT giveaway in the UK, Papa John’s has launched its first collection of cool and collectible NFTs, known as non-fungible tokens. Nine pizza hot bag-inspired designs comprise the collection’s 19,840 NFTs, which will be released on various days in early March for the UK’s NFT lovers. NFT fans can enjoy a glimpse of the NFT universe and nine uber-cool free hot bag designs – with names like the ‘Papa 1984’ and ‘Papa Cheese Melt’ – by visiting the website and registering.

Helping NFTs Go Mainstream

Tezos, an energy-efficient blockchain has been used to mint Papa John nft hot bag tokens, which implies the NFTs are also energy-effective. To create the “Papa 1984” NFT bag, the giant looked to the Gen Z streetwear trend of insulated streetwear, with echoes of the thermal pizza hot bags. An adjustable cross-body strap sits with the tote handle, and the NFT design is available in three block hues, with a color pop tag attached.

“Papa Cheese Melt” and “Papa Tag” NFT bags combine street art graffiti images with dance fashion style to highlight the hip-hop environment when Papa John’s opened its doors in 1984.

Professional NFT designer, Tom Hoff, commented:

“NFTs have exploded so quickly and yet many people are still unsure how to collect them, or believe that they come with big price tags. It’s great to see a brand like Papa Johns helping to make NFTs more mainstream and that two of my designs will allow people worldwide to enjoy them in the metaverse.”

The NFT Hot Bags are Papa Johns’ second sarcastic fashion line, after last year’s elevated position of one of the world’s favorite cheese, Cheddar, with its own streetwear collection, offered through the worldwide fashion marketplace Depop. Limited-edition hot bags will also be sold on Depop, and one will be given away on the NFT microsite to one person who redeems an NFT between March 1 and April 12, 2022.

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