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PEPE Coin Explodes to its New ATH; Is it the Next Big Memecoin!

PEPE Coin Explodes to its New ATH; Is it the Next Big Memecoin! Altcoin News
  • PEPE Coin has reached its ATH of $0.00001467 with a market cap of $6 billion.
  • PEPE secured its position among the top 20 by market cap.

The crypto market is buzzed with radical moves and news, over the past week, with several coins experiencing a bullish surge. Investors have set their eyes on some settled players. In a remarkable turn of events, PEPE, the meme-inspired cryptocurrency, has again reached its all-time high (ATH) of $0.00001467 and secured its position among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap. 

Pepe Coin Price Chart Source: CoinMarketCap

Pepe Coin was originally launched as a meme token and transformed from a niche internet joke into a serious competitor in the crypto market. Its value has surged dramatically because of marketing strategies, community support, and skillful partnerships. The acceptance and its growing influence created a new wave in the industry. 

The recent ATH of Pepe reflects an impressive journey of growth and development. Despite the initial comical appearance and dismissals, it exhibits strength and adaptability, increasing its attention and investment. This achievement indicates the growing demand for meme coins and the interest of investors to explore beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Some experts foresee Pepe will be the fourth largest crypto asset as it is ranked 20 by market cap within a year of launch. It reflects the evolving nature of the crypto ecosystem, where unconventional meme projects can achieve mainstream attention and success.

The Next ATH For PEPE is Expected

During the time of writing, $PEPE trades at $0.00001433, with a market cap of $6 billion, showcasing its strength and market prominence. If the bullish pattern continues, the price of the PEPE might reach the resistance level of $0.00001510, with the next resistance level nearing  $0.00001875. Further gains will drive the price high to hit $0.00002010.

Conversely, if the trend reverses, the price of Pepe may fall to the support level of $0.00001365, followed by the next support level at $0.00001216. The lowest support level it might touch will be $0.00000767. 

However, if PEPE establishes itself as the finest investment in 2024, this year would favor the coin. Also, the market momentum and investor sentiment would add extra fuel. Furthermore, with future upgrades and advancements, Pepe might surpass its current all-time high and mark its new ATH. 

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