PEGA Pool’s Launch Is In Sight, A Silver Lining for Bitcoin Miners Everywhere

The wait is (finally) almost over. After months of anticipation, the world’s first ecological mining pool to ever hit the market is finally almost here. But what’s got Bitcoin (BTC) miners so excited about PEGA Pool’s launch?

For starters, they’ve been battling to make ends meet amidst Bitcoin’s dismal prices, which hit record lows over the past few weeks. Coupled with rising hash rates, many solo miners and BTC mining companies have been forced to shut their doors, but one company is bringing new hope to miners everywhere.

In an effort to take some of the financial weight off of miners’ shoulders, PEGA Pool is offering their clients attractive pool fee discounts that have been completely unheard of in the industry – until now. For BTC miners who are already mining using renewable energy alternatives, a 50% pool fee discount is up for grabs.

But hope isn’t lost for miners who are still reliant on traditional forms of energy – PEGA Pool will be using a portion of their pool fees to plant trees, offsetting the serious damage caused by the global BTC mining community.

While Bitcoin mining is crucial for verifying transitions and bringing new coins into circulation, the activity has been under global scrutiny for some time now, for being one of the biggest contributors to climate change worldwide. In fact, even Tesla Tycoon Elon Musk stopped accepting Bitcoin as payment in protest against the industry’s impact on the environment.

The act of planting trees is emerging as one of the most powerful ways to offset the CO2 being poured into the atmosphere by the BTC mining industry every single day. Why? Like most of us learned in primary school, trees absorb CO2 and store it in their trunk, branches, and leaves, while creating new oxygen and plant matter to introduce into the environment.

With around 300 million new trees worldwide, we would see a significant improvement in our collective carbon footprint – and while we’ve got a long way to go to reach a number as high as this, PEGA Pool has already planted over 7,000 trees so far. This number is rising every day, and live stats for trees planted can be found here.

PEGA Pool was ranked the 13th largest mining pool on the planet by, and their highly competitive PPS + revenue model is garnering the attention of thousands of BTC miners and BTC mining companies all over the world.

The ecological mining pool is strictly environmentally focused, and the team is excited to be changing the BTC mining industry for the better, once and for all. The fact that PEGA Pool is British-owned and operated is bringing peace of mind to Bitcoin miners everywhere, who no longer have to worry about questionable Bitcoin mining pools of suspicious origin.

To join PEGA Pool’s waiting list and claim one of the last available BETA seats ahead of their big launch in Q1 of 2023.