Paris Olympic 2024 To Witness Blockchain-based Ticketing System

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  • Last week, the Prime Minister’s office received a 30-page study.
  • A rotating QR code may also be used to register the ticket.

In preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, the French Olympic Committee plans to use a blockchain ticketing system. The committee intends to provide fans with a blockchain-based ticketing system that will be non-transferable and customized for each fan.

The committee also suggested enhancing safety measures to prevent last month’s Champions League Final predicament. Last week, the Prime Minister’s office received a 30-page study with suggestions for improving the organization of the Liverpool and Real Madrid games.

Blockchain Adoption on a Global Level

According to Ticketing Business News, Michel Cadot, the interministerial representative for the French Olympic Games, filed the report. All the essential changes for the 2024 Olympic Games were included in the study.

According to the research, every major sporting event in France should have a customized and secure ticketing system. According to the findings, fans’ personal information is more secure when tickets are stored on a blockchain. Non-transferable tickets should be given out a few days before the commencement of the Olympics, according to the plan proposed by the organizers.

A rotating QR code may also be used to register the ticket; however, this code is only active until the ticket bearer enters the venue. Customers who purchase personalized tickets will also get interactive messages on transit, security, and venue access through digital channels.

A national committee to manage major international sporting events was also recommended by Cadot. This would “bridge the gap between the worldwide dimension and local management,” as Cadot puts it. For blockchain technology, implementing the changes would be an enormous boon. However, the Tokyo Olympics already made use of crypto. Bitbns exchange gave out crypto-assets in addition to Olympic medals to the finalists.

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