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DappRadar Q3 Report Reveals The Crypto Market Recovery

The market cap of cryptocurrencies increased 8.5% ($981M) in Q3. According to the report on the crypto market signaling recovery

2 months ago 2 mins read

South Korea Crypto Market Capitalization Has Slumped by 58%

The Terraforms issue has had a significant impact on the South Korean cryptocurrency market’s downward trajectory. Under the FSC, KoFIU

2 months ago 2 mins read

Resurgent Strength of USD Negatively Affects Crypto Market

The dollar’s appreciation may be attributed to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. As the supply of dollars dwindles, investors

2 months ago 2 mins read

US CFTC Is Preparing to Become a Regulator in the Crypto Market

The US CFTC is preparing to become a key crypto market regulator. They will allow the CFTC to act quickly

3 months ago 2 mins read

CoinW Exchange Is Now Recruiting Global Partners To Expand Global Crypto Market

There is an old saying In the wave of the Internet “The one owns users owns the world”, which is

3 months ago 3 mins read

Crypto Market Is About to Tilt for Institutional Investors

Banking Institutions have already entered the digital asset market in Australia. CBA was the first bank in the nation to

3 months ago 2 mins read

Solana CEO Proclaims Indifferences in Crypto Market

Solana had undergone a total of seven outrages since its launch. The validators have even encountered 10 million packets per

3 months ago 2 mins read

Crypto Market Fumbles, Over $600M Liquidated in Last 24 Hours

Bitcoin is now trading at roughly $21,485, down 8.2% on the day. With $201.3M, Bitcoin is the most liquidated asset,

3 months ago 2 mins read

Crypto Market Reacts Positively Amid Reduced U.S Inflation Rate

Compared to June, the annual rate of inflation reduced marginally to 8.5%. Bitcoin is trading at $24,003 with a 4%

4 months ago 2 mins read

Talos Founders: Crypto Market Will Come Back Stronger Than Ever

In May, Talos disclosed a $105 million Series B fundraising round, valued at $1.25 billion.  The total cryptocurrency market cap

4 months ago 2 mins read