P2E gaming platform, Attack Wagon launches a tiered, high APY staking protocol

Play-to-earn gaming protocol Attack Wagon announced on Monday the launch of its staking features in three distinct pools. According to the statement, the platform allows users to hold the native $ATK token in their crypto wallets and get rewards for their deposits. The rewards will be distributed based on the staking time (rather than quantity of staking), meaning the longer you stake, the more you earn. 

Kicked off on Monday, January 24 at 6 pm UTC, Attack Wagon’s staking features will be available in three levels namely Silver Staking, Gold Staking, and Platinum Staking. The staking tiers will have a maximum cap of $ATK tokens to be staked, a set time for maturity, and a mandatory lock period to keep liquidity running on the platform. 

The Silver Staking tier offers users up to a 5 million $ATK tokens cap with a total maturity of 90 days. The window for staking will be open for the next 30 days, after which the pool will be closed. People staking on this tier must lock their $ATK tokens for at least 45 days to receive rewards. The early return APY is 10% while the maturity return offers up to 20% APY (if you hold your $ATK tokens till maturity). 

The Gold Staking tier offers a higher APY than the Silver Staking tier. Staking on this tier offers an early return APY of 20% and a maturity return of 40%. Users can stake up to 3 million $ATK tokens in this pool with a total maturity of 180 days. The staking window will be open for 30 days, with a mandatory lock period of 90 days. 

Finally, the Platinum Staking pool has a total cap of 1 million $ATK tokens, with a 365 days’ maturity period. The staking pool window will be open for the next 30 days, with a mandatory lock period of 180 days. Stakers in this pool have an opportunity to earn an early return APY of 40% and a maturity return APY of 100%. 

Users only need to connect their cryptocurrency wallet, load up on $ATK tokens and stake in any of their preferred pools. 

A plethora of features on Attack Wagon

Launched in 2021, Attack Wagon offers a development studio for free-to-play and P2E games. Recently, the first P2E game, Scrap Guilds, was launched on the platform. The game is a Sci-Fi RPG that facilitates the use of the Attack Wagon token ($ATK) and includes a variety of different avenues for players to earn money, through playing as well as through passive means. 

Despite the growth of P2E gaming across 2021, many projects are still too complex for beginners to have a shot at earning. With Attack Wagon, everyone has an equal and fair chance to play, win, and earn a passive income. To break the barriers to entry, the P2E platform gives away parts needed in the games for free. The players bring value to the parts by playing the game. The more they play, the more the parts upgrade. Upgraded parts have the potential to earn more and have higher stats, which brings them value over time. 

Additionally, the game combines the earning model with fun, making it interesting to not only earn but to also enjoy the game as well. It features an in-game story mode that allows players to explore, solve mysteries, and get new characters the more gamers play the game. Their game is a massively multiplayer game where users will travel the Void, scrapping and fulfilling quests as they travel into dangerous PvP zones, nasty space creatures and all manner of things trying to kill players, so flying with friends is a good way to stay alive.

The platform also aims to boost the value of its players and the industry at large. Players can create a passive income stream from playing the various games on the platform and earn $ATK. The cryptocurrency is listed on major centralized and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), making it easier to cash out and switch the currency across different games on the platform. 

Lastly, the $ATK token, a Polygon-based asset, ensures players minimize the cost of transactions, speeds up transaction times, and eases the transfer of tokens. Apart from allowing users to purchase in-game assets, $ATK will also be used when buying and upgrading your NFTs and PvP entry fees. You will also be paid out in this token when winning rewards. 

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