P2E Game Ankots of Misteria Elaborates on Its Dual-token Earning Ecosystem

A dual-token ecosystem that shall enable players to enjoy more than one way of playing to earn. Ankots of Misteria aims at being one of the most innovative games in the play-to-earn space. One of the several ways it is venturing this disruption is through building a sustainable ecosystem that corresponds to the project’s various game modes and playable assets. Ankots of Misteria’s token ecosystem is based on Polygon and operates on a dual-token economy – ANKT and LVS – and have a variety of individual and collective use-cases in the game. For instance, ANKT will be required in making NFT purchases through the in-game marketplace, while LVS will be used in making in-game purchases of resources and in-game cosmetics.

Ankot Token | ANKT

ANKT represents the primary token of AoM’s ecosystem that allows players to purchase assets necessary to earn from the game. It also allows the holders to play, invest and be a part of the active community of the game and project. ANKT will also be used in the NFT marketplace and for in-game transactions. Players can leverage ANKT in order to buy Asset NFTs inside the game. The primary method of earning this token is through seasonal ranked matches in the game. For more detailed information on ANKT tokens, click here.

Love Spirits | LVS

LVS is the secondary token in Ankots of Misteria and a key part of the summoning mechanic in the game — LVS is necessary for the creation of new, unique NFTs in the game and can be indirectly utilized to earn ANKT by players. Besides this, LVS can also be sold directly in the marketplace in exchange for ANKT, increasing the inherent value of LVS.

LVS can be crafted within the game through the active collection and combining of resources called Spirits, which can be found across the in-game world. LVS will have collectible value linked to ANKT and primarily be used in order to facilitate in-game functionalities. For more details on the LVS token, click here.

The token ecosystem of Ankots of Misteria will go live in the upcoming months, followed by the launch of the game’s marketplace and the beta release. Users who wish to get involved can do so by participating in the upcoming events of Ankots of Misteria.

To begin with, Ankots of Misteria’s token whitelist event is soon to be launched. The campaign – open to everyone – is dissected into three phases, with the first phase requiring users to maximize their interactions in the game’s social channels for a chance to enter the whitelist and gain early access to ANKT.

Following the token whitelist event, AoM’s IDO whitelist will be made available to the general public within the next three months. The IDO whitelist will be followed by the beta release of the game, which is divided into two parts. The first release will be a Public Open Beta in which users will be able to play the game, explore the Lands of Misteria, and try out numerous NFTs in the game. This beta release will last for a couple of weeks.

After the first beta release reaches its conclusion, which is around the month of October, it will be followed by the Ankot NFT Whitelist, NFT sales and then the second round of the beta release – the closed beta. This particular beta will only facilitate users who own Ankot NFTs. In other words, if users lack Ankot NFTs, they won’t be able to play the game.

About Ankots of Misteria

Ankots of Misteria is a unique monster-battling and resource-minting game that entails PvP and strategy elements. It’s a P2E NFT game that is built using the latest technology on the Polygon ecosystem. With its dark narrative and distinguishable gameplay mechanics, AoM introduces a fresh take on the popular monster-battling genre, making it stand out from the other blockchain-based games present in the market.

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