ORBS Can Now Be Transferred to Avalanche, As well as Ethereum and BSC

ORBS Can Now Be Transferred to Avalanche, As well as Ethereum and BSC

Even as the crypto realm and indeed the technology it sits upon, the blockchain, is still in its very early stages, amazing things are happening. With new platforms, protocols, and apps being built each month to give users even more facility to engage with cryptocurrencies and to change the way they bank, invest, and even lend and earn money. 

The latest passion of those involved in the blockchain industry is the pursuit of interoperability across chains and networks. This means tokens can be transferred to their non-native chains, and it also increases the liquidity of the market. The ORBS token, created by the Orbs network, is now available across a variety of different main chains, and the team behind the company is busy increasing its utility across an even wider expanse.

Orbs bridging to Avalanche

The latest for Orbs is that the ORBS token is now available on the Avalanche (AVAX) Mainnet via the AnySwap bridge. This means that users can bring their ORBS tokens onto Avalanche seamlessly and fast, by clicking on the following link:  https://anyswap.exchange/#/bridge. Users can simply select the currency of their choice and the destination network within a couple of clicks.

This is interoperability using bridging, at its finest. Avalanche is a blisteringly fast smart contracts platform that enables users to build their own custom blockchains and decentralized apps. As it is compatible with the EVM, it means it is compatible with Ethereum. Therefore using AnySwap bridge means that holders of coins on other networks like that of Orbs can transfer to Ethereum based platforms and projects.

The AnySwap protocol is cross-chain, supporting 19 different chains to date, and holds over $1.5 billion in Total Locked Value. ORBS holders can also use the AnySwap bridge to move their holdings onto the BSC network, which means that users can transfer their ORBS back and forth between Ethereum, Avalanche, and BSC chains.

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