OpenSea Buys Gem NFT Aggregator!

  • OpenSea buys Gem NFT aggregator. 
  • Gem will enable more latest features and easier buyings for the OpenSea users.
  • This is the second buy in recent times after Dharma Labs by OpenSea.

It’s a highly natural instinct that once one reaches the top, they tend to do anything to be at the top forever and as long as possible. On such terms, OpenSea is the currently largest Non Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace globally, aspires to carry on the name and be the brand ambassador for the whole NFT industry. 

Evolution and development are key for any firm to travel with time. Accordingly, OpenSea has set on many purchases in recent times. Purchases in the term it translates to acquiring various tech and NFT firms completely. 

In spite of all this, OpenSea bought the Gem NFT aggregator platform completely on 25th April, 2022. Gem being the most pro-active NFT platform merging with various NFT marketplaces, ought to bring about an overall dominated feature for the users of OpenSea. 

Gem’s Contributes for OpenSea

As stated by OpenSea, the Gem NFT aggregator platform will not be rebranded and completely under the banners of OpenSea. Instead, Gem will be operating individually, but all for the OpenSea evidently. 

Moreover, as the team from OpenSea, states that the main aspect of this acquisition is to enable all modern tech trends and features upon the NFT industry directly to the OpenSea users. In such terms, OpenSea users will indeed be able to operate seamlessly throughout the buying of various NFTs regardless of the marketplace platform. 

Also, both OpenSea and Gem will be into research and development towards all upgrades and new trends and development including minting of NFTs and much more.

Moreover, this is OpenSea’s second buy in recent times. The first being the recently acquired, Dharma Labs. The Dharma Labs is a complete crypto platform involving borrowing, buying, selling upon its digital wallet application.

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