One Immortl’s IDO To Be Launched On Artemis This Month

One Immortl’s IDO To Be Launched On Artemis This Month

There is a lot of talk about sustainability when it comes to the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, and for good reason. One of the biggest criticisms that is often made against this industry has to do with its unsustainability as well as the seemingly irreversible damage that it is causing to the environment. This has resulted in various projects taking it upon themselves to assist in improving this aspect of this industry, and one in particular has therefore made a lot of progress.

One Immortl helps to solve this with its dual loyalty ONE App and fiat/cryptocurrency Immortl wallet application. It utilizes a hybrid software which will bring together the disjointed loyalty program environment by rewarding every user for leading a healthy lifestyle. The platform fuses a rewards program with that of an online blockchain payment system in an innovative way, thereby uniting brands involved with quality, lifestyle and sustainability in a single and convenient application.

How does this benefit the user?

Users will have the luxury to pay in both fiat as well as cryptocurrency by ways of Immortl (IMRTL), Harmony (ONE) or Polygon (MATIC) with the Immortl wallet. From transactions made with the wallet, users will acquire IMRTL tokens for their purchases. They may also purchase, swap, and even stake their tokens, in addition to engaging in peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. The Immortl wallet offers the complete solution to ensure security and transaction finality within seconds at extremely low costs. The reason being is that the wallet is built upon the Harmony network. Merging transaction speed, low costs and high-volume data processing, users are provided with an app and integrated payment system used for both pleasure and business. 

Simply put, One Immortl aims to innovate decentralized finance by building a mutual platform for convergence and transactions in correspondence with centralized finance.

Launch on Artemis

As aforementioned, the IDO for IMRTL (HRC-20) is set to take place on Artemis on the 21st of December. The launch will be found on the Artemis Pad, found on Artemis Protocol.

The IDO will run for 24 hours from December 21st 12:00 UTC – December 22nd 12:00 UTC. There also will be a no ‘first come, first-served’ policy, as participants will be given access to the Artemis Pad at any moment during this time period and shall also have the same, equal opportunity to participate by depositing funds into a smart contract. This is one of the many benefits of the Artemis launchpad.

Additionally, the overflow mechanism will be used during the launch. This implies that if the IDO becomes oversubscribed, that is, the amount raised exceeds the expected amount, then all participants shall receive their portion of IMRTL tokens at the IDO price based on their respective subscription percentage. The excess funds that were invested will then be automatically repaid to every investor upon claiming. There shall also be no minimum or maximum purchase amount, so one can thus contribute as much as they like.

To gain access to the IDO, all participants will require MIS tokens, either as collateral throughout the period of the IDO or as staked. To acquire IMRTL, investors will require ONE or wrapped ONE (WONE), which will be transferred into the IDO smart contract.

For investors who possess funds on various other blockchains, there are a few official Harmony bridges which support Ethereum or BSC and which support BTC. There are other as well such as Terra Bridge, AnySwap, and ElkFinance. Harmony additionally provides a useful guide for this. Lastly, Investors may also buy ONE on a Centralized Exchange (CEX) and withdraw it directly to their respective Harmony or Metamask wallets. Following the IDO, exchange liquidity will be allotted to Defi Kingdoms.

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