IO Game Snook Launches BBT-Themed Rooms With LobsterDAO

OI Game Snook Launches BBT-Theme Featuring Unstoppable Domains
  • Snook partnered with Unstoppable Domains to reach a new audience.
  • Snook introduced BBT themed rooms with Unstoppable Domains.

IO game Snook Launches its BBT-themed rooms for ecosystem partners. A branded, token-gated experience called a BBT Themed room allows projects to interact with their community. And, these partners use the “Snake”-like the gameplay of Snook to create a branded atmosphere while enabling businesses to host tournaments and game nights with their communities. 

Gate rooms use token-based criteria to benefit both token owners and the community. Ineligible users can also view their BBT-themed room, but they are unable to access it without the token. In the BBT-themed room, users can create and play, organize tournaments, and give away rewards for competitive activities.

Snook’s Collaborations for Game Space

Snook and Unstoppable Domains are recently partnered to reach a huge new audience for this online multiplayer game project, Unstoppable Domains is one of the largest blockchain and Web3 communities. Through the partnership, Snook can expand by several orders of magnitude.

Additionally, the collaboration enables Snook users to play against other UD owners by logging in with their Unstoppable Domain. Users of UD will enter a private BBT-themed area where they may participate in Pay-Per-Kill mechanisms. This play with unique Snooks designed for the partner brand, and win $SNK tokens or native chain tokens of that community.

Furthermore, Snook collaborated and introduced rooms with a LobsterDAO BBT theme, a second significant collaboration will host a special game night for all LobsterDAO NFT holders.

The innovative solution offered by Snook represents a huge possibility for the larger GameFi sector. These BTT-themed rooms are a great way for anyone interested in gaming, NFTs, multichain advancements, or blockchain connectivity to interact with their audience or meet new people.

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