Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Dominates the Day Surging 30% Up

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Dominates the Day Surging 30% Up
  • Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) hit a high of 30% gains.
  • This marks the highest surge so far for the day.
  • H2O launch talk onsets the start of OCEAN’s surge.

Yep, so far for the day, the Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) hits the highest surge, so far of gains of 30%. Though the day is yet to end, such a performance by an unexpected altcoin, makes this the hot news for the day though. 

The Surge of 30%

Taking the past 24 hours into consideration, the OCEAN started from a rock bottom of $1.09 and it paved all the way up to a whopping $1.42 in just a few hours. This marks an epic surge of about nearly 30% gains. 

Though this may not be the highest for the past 3 months, surely this is quite an unexpected performance from the OCEAN.  

Moreover, the Ocean Protocol is a completely blockchained based platform which facilitates in providing services of securing data and keeping it locked up, offering monetizing features too. The OCEAN is the native token for the platform. And so, the OCEAN is completely based upon the ERC-20. 

Apart from this, the Ocean protocol also serves as a marketplace for buying and selling all sorts of data stored and needed. 

The H2O Effect

Crypto analysts term that the main reason for such an unexpected surge from the OCEAN is due to the onset talks of launch of the H2O tokens. 

The H2O platform is nothing but similar to the RAI. The RAI features collatering Ethereum (ETH) as its main asset. Here, the H2O will be featuring the OCEAN tokens as its main assets for collateral.

Once the H2O gets launched officially, it will for sure have a massive impact on the OCEAN token’s price. OCEAN will surge hitting new ATHs with the launch of H2O.

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