NYDIG Joins With MVB Bank To Integrate BTC Services

NYDIG Joins With MVB Bank To Integrate BTC Services

Financial sectors are now adapting and accepting digital payment services through cryptocurrencies. Also it helps users who already trade crypto assets and makes transitions even more simpler. Thus, to offer its customers, MVB bank is joining with NYDIG to provide white label BTC solutions to its customers. 

Besides, the main aim of this partnership is to offer the industry’s first white label bitcoin and banking services to Fintechs. Thus, it integrates the Bitcoin products and services as a solution to its customers. Additionally, it even enables the external parties to process transactions with Bitcoins without any intermediaries. 

BTC as White label Solutions

As MVB bank is a popular financial corporation which empowers more than 50 fintechs, gaming clients who utilizes its Victor network to satisfy the customers. More so, this Victoria platform is capable of providing multiple solutions for fintech companies. Besides holding millions of clients and customers, MVB now attracts its customers by offering real time solutions with BTC payments. 

Also, as an additional super power, integrating BTC into their offering services the customers can experience both traditional and digital products. In addition, this collaboration of NYDIG and MVB bank supports the financial firms to be adaptable and brandable in the industry. And the customers can enjoy numerous transactions with Bitcoin payment services. 

Further, the Chief Innovation Officer of NYDIG, Patrick Sells happily shared a tweet about the partnership with MVB bank. And till now, only few financial companies were able to offer BTC services. But with this partnership, the entire fintech industry is eligible to provide white label solutions along with Bitcoin products hand-in-hand. 

On behalf of the NYDIG community, the CIO announces,

“Bitcoin will reach a huge milestone through our partnership with MVB. I am eager to see how this collaboration works and helps MVB’s clients – across fintech, gaming and beyond – to continue to innovate.”

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