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Nxchange Declared the Acquisition of Bondex

Nxchange Declared the Acquisition of Bondex Exchange News
  • Nxchange has officially announced the acquisition of the blockchain-based private market.
  • “Tokenizing assets will play a vital role in the future financial ecosystem,” says Nxchange.
  • Bonex to be located at Nxchange headquarters.

Nxchange has officially declared the acquisition of Bondex, the blockchain-based private market, which is the tactical move to strengthen its position. 

Bondex, the platform through which companies get permits to digitize their shareholder registration or tokenize assets.

Even Though Nxchange obtains Bondex, it continues to operate independently where Nxchange would expand its service offerings.

Moreover, it continues to drive the company’s mission of becoming the go-to destination of tokenizing assets. Founder Jos van Alphen will become part of the board of Nxchange.

Marleen Evertsz, CEO and Founder of Nxchange says

“Nxchange has a long expressed interest to further use Decentralised Financing (DeFi) structures and we have been presented with an opportunity to bring on a committed and enthusiastic team that aligns clearly with our mission at Nxchange.”

In addition, he says Nxchange being located in Europe as a place to invest and trade assets, and their mission is offering innovative finance solutions.

Thus, by obtaining a fully established private issuance platform can deliver the experience as the Nxchange users expected.

Bondex, blockchain-based platform that companies can license to digitize their shareholder register and tokenize alternative assets.

 By licensing, it helps the company to self-structure a share or bond issuance involving employees, direct clientele or other stakeholders.

Jos Van Alphen, Founder and CEO of Bondex stated,

“We want our community to know that this step will lead to bigger and more exciting features in the future and that they can look forward to an enhanced version of the platform.”

Moreover, the firm plans on locating Bondex at Nxchange Headquarters in Amsterdam. 

It prepares to position itself as 360 degree solutions for all investors needs.

Nxchange also believes that tokenizing alternative assets will play a major role in the future financial ecosystem.

Further updates on Nxchange product roadmaps and other new features to be published later for Nxchange users.

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