Wed, October 4

NOWPayments Integrates Shibarium for Efficient Crypto Payments

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  • NOWPayments is set to become the first-ever payment gateway to incorporate Shibarium.
  • The integration of Shibarium will revolutionize the crypto payments industry.
  • NOWPayments’ adoption of Shibarium could inspire other crypto-related businesses.

NOWPayments, a renowned cryptocurrency payment provider, has recently revealed its groundbreaking plan. It becomes the first-ever payment gateway to incorporate Shibarium, a promising layer-2 network.

According to a recent announcement, NOWPayments will seamlessly integrate Shibarium once the L2 network is fully operational on the mainnet.

This integration allows NOWPayments to cater to the needs of various projects and tokens that operate on the Shibarium network. With this innovative move, NOWPayments set to revolutionize the crypto payments industry. And also provide its users with unprecedented convenience and efficiency.

NOWPayments, which is a cryptocurrency payment provider based in the Netherlands, is paving the way for Shibarium adoption with its proactive efforts. In fact, the company’s application to build on Shibarium met with enthusiastic approval from none other than Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of Shiba Inu.

NOWPayments promotes BONE and LEASH

This exciting development marks a significant step forward for the Shibarium ecosystem, as NOWPayments’ adoption could inspire other crypto-related businesses to follow suit.

With the support of the Shiba Inu community and the innovative technology behind Shibarium, NOWPayments poised to become a trailblazer in the world of cryptocurrency payments.

NOWPayments has extended its support to Shiba Inu for two years by increasing its involvement in initiatives involving the breed. Since June 2021, when they first added SHIB, the digital-currency payment facilitator has been a staunch backer of Shiba Inu.

Later, the NOWPayments team worked with the Shiba Inu group to promote the adoption of the BONE and LEASH tokens within the NOWPayments ecosystem.

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