Now Just Tap For Crypto & BTC With New Iphone Feature

Now Just Tap For Crypto & BTC With New Iphone Feature
  • Tech giant Apple officially announces a new feature ‘Tap to Pay’.
  • This will enable easy buying crypto and paying with crypto on just a tap. 
  • Will be out by the fourth quarter of 2022.

Yet, here comes another futuristic and master business strategic move by a tech giant, Apple towards mingling the crypto and Bitcoin (BTC). Yes, the American tech giant Apple will now be enabling certain new features, which will be bringing the Iphone users one step closer to the crypto industry. 

Truly, now the new feature ‘Tap to Pay’ upon the Iphone will enable seamless buying, selling and paying all with crypto and BTC. This will make all Iphone users, their smartphone device as a device meant for business carry outs too. 

‘Tap to Pay’- Crypto

The ‘Tap to Pay’ new feature will ultimately transform all Iphone devices into smart contactless business efficacies. Accordingly, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook made the news official by tweeting a tweet regarding the new feature a few hours back. 

In spite of this, Tim Cook, terms that this new feature will be greatly helpful indeed for all sorts of business people, just by a tap with their Iphone. Furthermore, the CEO states that this new feature will be extremely safe, secure, fast and at ease for the users. 

Moreover, the team from Apple states that this ‘Tap to Pay’ feature can be linked with Apple Pay, digital credit cards and debit cards too. This will allow anyone with an Iphone to buy crypto or pay using crypto with just a tap on their device. All sorts of crypto payment and dealings could be now done through this feature. In addition, it’s expected that this new feature will be launched by the fourth quarter of 2022. Also, this new feature once launched will be available only on Iphone XS model and higher up.

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