North Korean Lazarus Group Accountable for $625M Axie Infinity Ronin Bridge Hack!

  • Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge hacked $625 million worth ETH and USD.
  • U.S confirm’s North Korea’s Lazarus Group to have carried out the hack.
  • North Korean government behind Lazarus hack deeds.

It’s a merry-go-round when it comes to crypto based cyber crimes and hacks. On one side the security based technologies are on a constant development and research and bringing out new advanced security systems for the blockchains.

On the other hand, the dark world of hacks and cyber crimes profusely looting crypto and other digital assets are always on the go.  

Likewise, around the end of last month, the hack upon the Ronin Bridge, took the crypto world on fire. The hack to be Axie Infinity’s worst hack ever. However, at that time, the hacker remained anonymous. 

Caught Red Handed, Yet on the Loose

In the late hours of 15th April, 2022, the U.S Treasury and Foriegn Assets Control finally gathered up all evidence pointing towards the gang behind the Ronin Bridge hack. Accordingly, the special list of Nationals and Blocked Persons derived by the authorities of the U.S Treasury and Foriegn Assets Control depicts that the long time notorious Lazarus group is responsible for the hack. 

The Lazarus group are unofficially the master group behind the North Korean government, carrying out all sorts of cyber crimes, specifically upon crypto assets. 

Upon the hack, the Ronin Bridge side blockchain based on Ethereum (ETH), was hacked of about 173,600 ETH and 2.5 million USDC. The overall hack amounts to a whopping $625 million, making it the biggest hack for Axie Infinity platform. 

The Ronin Bridge is actually the main ETH based side blockchain upon which the Metaverse platform of Axie Infinity runs.   

Also, the Lazarus group is directly linked to the North Korean government and indeed works for them, getting fully supported by the government. All of the hacks carried out by the Lazarus group goes as funds for various special operations of the North Korean government like, nuclear warheads and so on.

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