Non-exchange Wallet Engulfs 3,241 BTC!

Non-exchange Wallet Engulfs 3,241 BTC!
  • Non custodial exchange wallet takes in 3241 more BTCs.
  • Overall, the wallet is said to compromise 123,241 BTCs.
  • High possibilities for BTC to surge up.

Transfer or purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) is not a big deal in recent times. However, taking in about 3,241 BTCs is obviously news to be spoken widely about. According to sources, it’s been depicted precisely that on 7th April, 2022, a non custodial exchange wallet has engulfed about exactly 3,241 BTCs in the last 24 hours. 

Besides, this particular non-exchange wallet is said to be the world’s richest non-exchange wallet, which still remains anonymous. On an overall survey, this stands as the third richest crypto wallet in the world with an overall estimation of 123,241 BTCs. The first and the second are the wallets of Binance and Bitfinex. 

The Richest Non-Exchange Wallet

This particular non-exchange wallet has been constantly purchasing BTCs evidently for the past few days. Accordingly, on 5th April, 2022, the same wallet is said to have purchased BTC in two proportions. One for 289 BTCs and the other for 2,952 BTC on the same day.

The very next purchase is for the last 24 hours, upon which the wallet has in-took about 3,241 BTCs. On an overall, now this wallet comprises about 123,241 BTCs, till date. In spite of all this, the recent BTC intake alone accounts to about roughly more than $145 million.

With such radical intakes, the same wallet’s transactions show that last month in March, it has repeatedly sold off about 3000 BTC. Such transactions of repeated selling and then radical buying up again has indeed left the BTC enthusiasts and the crypto industry to suspects. 

In such regards, it seems that the next phase for BTC is expected to be highly bullish throughout the second half of 2022. 

Currently BTC is being traded for the price of $43,535, with the graphs plunging down of about 4.07%, taking into account the past 24 hours into consideration. 

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