NFT Shot up in 2021-NFT.NYC Co-founder Cameron Bale

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  • NFT.NYC co-founder Cameron Bale terms NFTs have surged drastically last year.
  • He boasts that NFTs are starting to have real uses and applications.
  • Bale has an eye for the upcoming metaverses.

Being the co-founder of the world’s largest yearly NFT event, the NFT.NYC, Cameron Bale stays extremely positive on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Apart from NFT, the NFT.NYC also indulges in digital blockchain arts and games too. 

Moreover, the NFT.NYC event of the year 2021 was indeed a huge chartbuster. This was actually the 3rd time for the event to premiere. Yet, it witnessed more than  5,500 attendees and over 135 sponsors. 

In addition, various debates, analysis, networking, talks, workshops all prevailed upon the event. Furthermore,  Cameron Bale put out his views regarding the NFT.NYC and the NFT market overall. 

Views of Cameron Bale 

Accordingly, Cameron Bale Chuckles that many who came and knew about the event had absolutely no idea that this is a yearly event and is actually the third time to premiere.

In addition he admits that, the first time in 2019, the event hardly witnessed 500 people. However, as time passes by and as NFT spreads, the event is getting bigger every year, states Bale. 

Furthermore, Bale states that there are many uses and applications for NFTs these days. Rather than just being mere collectibles, NFTs are now into entertainment, Tokens, tickets, a lifestyle and much more. 

Likewise, Bale acknowledged that in the year 2021, NFT went into art adoption as the mainstream too. 

On the other hand, Cameron Bale also states that the impact the growth of NFT will have upon the other digital assets over time will be quite fatal. 

Moreover, Bale terms that one of the sole desires of the NFT.NYC is to establish a platform for new emerging NFT projects and much more into a better exposure. 

And so, Bale ends up saying that he’s actually a little crazy about the upcoming Metaverse. The new digital virtual lands are on which he’s keen on, Bale admits.

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