NFT Marketplace Mintable Raises $13M To Develop Blockchains

NFT Marketplace Mintable Raises $13M To Develop Blockchains
  • NFT marketplace Mintable raises $13M to develop blockchains.
  • Mintable is an Ethereum-based platform.
  • An NFT collection sold by NFL Jacksonville.

Mintable, NFT marketplace announced a $13 million Series A funding to develop more blockchains. In the Series A funding round Ripple, mobile and blockchain gaming developer Animoca Brands, and MetaPurse, the world’s largest NFT investment fund also participated.

Moreover, Ripple noted,

“Its environmentally friendly attributes will allow billions of NFTs to minted, bought, and sustainably transferred on the XRPL.” 

At present Mintable is an Ethereum-based platform. It is one of the crypto-related investments in Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s burgeoning portfolio. Mark Cuban previously took part in Mintable’s $2.5 million seed round in March.

Henceforth, Mintable launched in 2018, has minted over 700,000 items in the last year. Allowing the establishment of a growing catalog of unique items like digital art, music, collectibles, and gaming items.

More so, Mintable has sold and auctioned works by different Grammy-Award-winning artists and high-profile artists, celebrities, and sports professionals and implemented a unique transaction-free minting feature. Which allows users, create their non-fungible tokens(NFT) without being burdened by huge network fees.

The fund will used to focus on scaling its operations and developing its growth and user acquisition initiatives. Even more, Monica Long, General Manager of RippleX at Ripple, noted, “Accelerating the growth of this creator economy starts with an infrastructure that removes the barriers to entry, such as high gas fees and environmental costs of creating NFTs faced by many today.”

Accordingly, In late April, an NFT collection on the platform for over $400,000, sold by NFL Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

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