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Next-Gen Decentralized NFT NEFTiPEDiA’s ICO Will Launch in 3 Days

Next-Gen Decentralized NFT NEFTiPEDIA's ICO Will Launch in 3 Days Altcoin News

NEFTiPEDiA is a next-generation decentralized NFT that supports the growth of digital artists, creators, investors, and collectors of all marketplaces. The main aim of NEFTiPEDiA is to advocate for the artists to increase their source of revenue through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in a commission-free platform. As we all know, the future is in the hands of blockchain technology and the crypto space. We strive hard to protect our users by creating a healthy ecosystem through our products and services.

As technology advances, people are running towards a digitalized world. Besides the urge of cryptocurrencies are evolving as hot content for the past two years. By analyzing the scope and future with crypto and digital objects, NEFTiPEDiA came into the market. As our team and work atmosphere grows day by day, we plan uniquely to provide our users. 

Besides supporting the digital artists alone, we aim to serve the marketplace with different categories of products including cosmetics, vehicles and property. Our ideas and efforts will surely be a game changer for all the users in the marketplace. 

As a decentralized marketplace, NEFTiPEDiA offers an user-friendly platform which is easier for all the artists to sell and validate their NFT links to the interested buyers. Moreover, the platform is not ruled or controlled by the owners or the founders.

The main advantage of buying NEFTiPEDiA’s NFT is that it provides a long-term benefit for the investors. It drastically increases the value of the token comparatively to the traditional digital assets. Along with an exclusive license and a proof of authenticity when a NFT is purchased.

Roadmap of NEFTiPEDiA 

The further course of action initiates interacting with members of the community which will help in growth of the firm.

  • ICO Pre-Sale marketing : NEFTiPEDiA intends to begin with a round of digital marketing to raise general awareness concerning its token and investment.
  • Pre-ICO AMA live : The next plan is an interactive live session in June 2021. This will be an engaging AMA live session for community members to enhance the products and solicit feedback.
  • ICO Token Sale: This course of action also takes place in June 2021. The NEFTiPEDiA team holds an initial token sale for individual companies and picks early adopters who want to participate in the ICO.
  • Liquidity Pool Creation: Followed by Pool creation of $NFT in August 2021 for investors to add liquidity, as well as the token is listed on platforms such as PancakeSwap, among others.
  • NFT Marketplace: The NEFTiPEDiA marketplace exposes a music feature as NFT, which will be available in 2022.
  • NEFTiPEDiA Mobile App: The firm plans to launch a mobile app in Quarter 4 of 2022. The mobile application for NEFTiPEDiA marketplace will be released.
  • Other Assets Listings & Continues Growing: Listing on other assets will go live on the marketplace during the Quarter 3rd of 2023. Follows to grow in 2024 by introducing non-digital objects for trading in the marketplace, as well as improving its processes.


NEFTiPEDiA plans to launch its ICO in 3 days to build the platform for the wide-scale NFT marketplace. The crypto market, however, might be risky which is associated with the huge gains of the century. Many people would be wondering where people would be now if they had purchased Bitcoin for $10 in 2010? This may sound like an imaginary world, but it is exactly based on many deep fundamental analysis of the most trusted analysts and professionals.

Through NEFTiPEDiA, a next-gen decentralized NFT platform, users can enjoy our upcoming biggest ICO launch. Moreover, we allotted a total of 250,000,000 $NFT tokens for the upcoming ICO. All-in-all users can just sign up into our ICO panel — and get a referral code. They can also share the code with their friends and get an opportunity to win exciting prizes. In order to enter the prize draw a minimum of 5 referrals required. However, only those referrals ended in purchase will be added to the count. After the completion of the ICO in 30 days, winners will be announced. Notably, winners will bear all the applicable taxes. 

Every day our world changes quickly due to mass innovation and adoption of the NFT marketplace, creating many opportunities for digital artists, creators, investors and collectors of all marketplaces. Therefore, we believe NEFTiPEDiA will become a community-run marketplace and the industry will make our project as a kind and remarkable one in the world.

Also note, all transactions made through could be found in the Binance blockchain explorer network. 

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