Newchip Global Accelerator Program Selects QANplatform

QANplatform, announced on May 24, 2022, that it was selected to become part of the leading online global accelerator — Newchip Accelerator.

Newchip Accelerator’s portfolio features more than 1,500 graduates, raising more than $450 million in funding. The portfolio itself is now valued at more than $9 billion. The accelerator is mainly aimed at early-stage to series-A startups devoted to scaling their business. Its program consists of a 10-week training course, connecting experienced individuals with each startup’s team. The goal is to prepare each startup to raise investment capital and kickstart their ideas.

QANplatform was one of the lucky few to be admitted in the May cohort, given that thousands of startups apply for the Newschip Accelerator every month. The startup is a quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform. It makes it possible for developers and organizations to build various smart contracts, DeFi projects, DApps, NFTs, tokens, Metaverses, and other web3 solutions. What makes it stand out from the pack is that all projects built via QANplatform are quantum-resistant. Moreover, QANplatform makes it possible to build Web3 projects in any programming language, opening up opportunities for developers unfamiliar with blockchain-related languages.

The accelerator program will last for six months, during which QANplatform founders will have a unique opportunity to work with professional mentors and advisors. On top of that, they will engage in various mastermind sessions to leverage the vast network of partners. The purpose of this is to prepare the platform to reach out to angel investors, venture capitals, and equity crowdfunding and raise initial capital.

The entire program will culminate during Demo Week. At that time, all admitted startups will have a chance to present their ideas to various investors from all parts of the world, including famous names such as TechStars, Porsche Ventures, PayPal, Plug and Play, Alumni Ventures Group, and more.

Armando Vera Carvajal, VP at Newchip, said that quantum computing was coming closer to global reality, attracting more investors, while key industries and governments closely followed the latest developments. Moreover, Caravajal added that it was essential to find deep-tech projects, such as QANplatform, that had the power to form future technologies and shape markets and industries. 

Newchip’s VP confirmed his belief that QNAplatform would significantly impact the blockchain industry, thanks to its unique set of features, including multi-language smart contracts that would allow developers to create blockchain use cases in any coding language they prefer. Carvajal concluded that QANplatform’s features seemed like a “major game-changer” to Newchip and that they were excited to partner with the blockchain platform.

QANplatform’s CTO and Co-Founder, Johann Polecsak, expressed his excitement, saying the team at the startup was looking forward to becoming a member of the Newchip network that would help it develop quantum-resistant blockchain Proofs-of-Concept, as well as use cases using the QAN blockchain platform.

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