New Project “VLaunch” Garners Attention Across Blockchain Ecosystem

New Project “Codename V” Garners Attention Across Blockchain Ecosystem

The two founders behind this project, CryptoMo and MMCrypto, are leading influencers in the crypto world, and they are delivering videos every day for their 480k and 43k strong subscribers, respectively.

Their educational videos are fast-paced, exciting and packed with value for people that want to get a deeper understanding of popular cryptos. They’ve taken their experience inside the industry, and have now announced the launch of their joint venture, for now only known as Project “V”. The new blockchain-based project is getting their community excited, and just over a week since announcing the news, they have already amassed over 62,000 active members and counting.

More Details on the Exciting Venture

The team behind the project will be announcing further details to their various social media communities over the coming days, but what is clear is that the project is well underway to become something of value to its users.

Details released so far on the venture include the fact that it is a Metaverse-based project, and that the only fully unlocked tokens are those which are being given out for free to their community members.

On top of that, we know that team tokens are locked for 12 months, with many tokens being dropped among the active Telegram members. There will be an initial circulating supply of 30 million tokens, with an additional 20 million dropped later on for distribution among their community.

“V” will support a range of multichain assets from ETH, BSC, FTM to MATIC. They clearly have the industry excited too, as they have forged new partnerships with SKYNET, BRILLIANCE VENTURES, HYPE PARTNERS, MARKET ACROSS.

Follow the guys at MMCrypto and CryptoMO  through their various channels, which you can find full details on this page for MMCrypto: and this page for CryptoMO:

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