Netflix Rejects Crypto Commercials in Ad-supported Memberships

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  • There were restrictions on pharmaceutical advertising as well.
  • The average cost of this new service is estimated to be roughly $8.

The epidemic was a boon for Netflix and other media streaming providers. Their subscription count skyrocketed, catapulting them into the spotlight. However, this viewpoint ultimately failed to gain traction. After people got back to “normal,” they stopped watching as much Netflix since they were no longer working from home. To that end, the firm has announced the availability of a new, cheaper membership class that will incorporate advertising.

During the epidemic, the crypto business also saw a boom. It’s no secret that Bitcoin (BTC) and similar assets have attracted a large number of investors. Netflix, however, has chosen to exclude cryptocurrency as a payment option despite the fact that many other streaming services accept it. Now it seems the streaming behemoth does not want any connection to the business, as it has blocked cryptocurrency-related ads on its aforementioned membership tier.

Are Bears Responsible?

To be fair, crypto wasn’t the only topic covered either. Politics, gambling, and cryptocurrency-related ads are just some of the genres that Netflix has said it would no longer accept. And there were restrictions on pharmaceutical advertising as well. The average cost of this service is estimated to be roughly $8.

Ad-supported Netflix memberships are expected to launch in November. The streaming giant planned to roll out this improvement around the beginning of 2023. However, the release date looks to have been accelerated considering that Disney+ would soon be an ad-supported service.

It’s worth noting that at the start of 2022, the cryptocurrency advertising industry was booming. Many people were pleased by the abundance of ads that featured crypto during the Super Bowl. However, once the bear market began, celebrities began leaving the sector in droves.

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