N3twork Studios Recruit Former Tinder CPO to Assist Building Next Gen of Web3 RPGs

Josh Sell, the former Chief Product Officer of Tinder, has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer of N3twork Studios, a blockchain game developer and publisher made up of seasoned game developers (including those from EA, Kabam, Zynga, Glu, Disney, and more). Josh’s new position will enable N3twork Studio to expedite the creation of its forthcoming Web3 RPGs, Triumph and Legendary: Heroes Unchained and Triumph, both of which are planned for global release in 2023.

During his tenure at Tinder, Josh managed a wide range of releases, perhaps most notably the “Explore Tab,” which provided singles all over the globe with a brand-new method for finding compatible partners. Josh previously had a similar product leadership position in the gaming business at Glu Mobile, where he oversaw the creation of the well-known Deer Hunter franchise, bringing it back to life when it was on the decline and turning it into one of the highest-grossing games in the market. Additionally, he has held the positions of GM of Mobile at NCSoft and Vice President and General Manager at King, where he oversaw the Farm Heroes brand.

In his most recent project, Josh co-founded the cutting-edge Web3 gaming firm Midnight, where he helped to develop the business’ interoperability strategy.

Josh will assist N3twork Studios President Matt Richetti in managing the studio’s daily operations as the team works to achieve success in 2023 and beyond in addition to playing a key role in the development of Legendary: Heroes Unchained and Triumph.

The hiring confirms N3twork Company’s position as a top RPG studio and serves as yet another illustration of the amazing talent that the Web3 game sector is now able to draw in. The development team at N3twork Studios is made up of more than 80 seasoned professionals who have worked on a number of the highest-grossing free-to-play games.

Julius Hong, the executive producer of N3twork Studios, formerly worked at EA, Glu Mobile, and KIXEYE. Ricchetti himself previously held positions at prestigious companies including PerBlue Entertainment, Kabam, and Zynga.

As the studio behind the popular mobile RPG Legendary: Game of Heroes, which has generated over $300m in lifetime sales, N3twork Studios has a strong history in the video game industry. With such a skilled and accomplished group of top developers, Josh’s choice to join N3twork Studios was an easy one. The Web3 gaming revolution may be led by N3twork Studios, which is equipped with everything needed to develop top-tier games for the blockchain sector.

“Web3 fundamentally changes how gamers can take ownership of their experience, both through the freedom of open economies and through the ability to influence development. Developers in the Web3 space have already learned a lot, and the next generation of titles will offer a deeper, more engaging experience on a level playing field to AAA games,” Josh said. 

“What attracted me to N3twork Studios was a combination of talented people, awesome products, and a clear opportunity to make an impact. The folks I met with prior to joining were all intrinsically motivated by consumer experience. Their views lined up perfectly with my own around how Web3 can drive genuine and sustained player benefit. I also got my hands on the product(s) before joining and loved them; there’s a huge opportunity for success here,” Josh added. 

Josh’s choice to join N3twork Studios is another illustration of how the Web3 gaming sector is luring some of the most brilliant minds in the field with its promise of positively transforming the internet.

“Josh is a world-class product executive who brings a ton of Web2 and Web3 gaming experience to N3twork Studios. With Josh on board, we’ll be able to take our two upcoming titles to the next level, particularly as we move into live operations on both in 2023,” Matt Ricchetti, President of N3twork Studios, said in a statement.

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