Music integration platform STYNGR partners with blockchain ecosystem onXRP and indie music label Armada Music to launch an exclusive album in upcoming Maladroids video game built on the XRP Ledger

In an industry-first move, two major EDM artists will release their first collaborative album in Maladroids, the ten-person battle royale obstacle run game, set to launch its first level in September 2022.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Styngr, the first music integration platform for gaming and the metaverse, is excited to announce its partnership with blockchain developer onXRP and blockchain partner Ripple to launch a music integration in the upcoming free-to-play battle royale running game Maladroids on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). Set to release the first level this month, the collaboration will see an in-game radio station with a curated playlist of electronic dance music (EDM) in partnership with music label Armada Music, including an industry-first move to release new tracks from Tom Staar and Kryder, two major artists of the Genre.

Developed by onXRP, Maladroids initial release will see players compete as droids in groups of ten through an obstacle run, using speed and agility to push over opponents and race to the finish line. New game-modes and maps will be added in subsequent releases. Enabled with play-to-win capabilities using onXRP’s staking system, emboldened racers can leverage the platforms and underlying blockchains native tokens, $OXP and $XRP, in a cumulative pool, with those first to cross the finish line taking it all home. Maladroids is the first game to be hosted on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) – an open source, public and decentralized Layer 1 blockchain.

Maladroids can be played by anyone on

Styngr, who will be partnering with Ripple through technical integrations to continue its work in the crypto space, is working alongside Dutch independent music label Armada Music to bring two major EDM artists, Tom Staar and Kryder, together in a collaboration for the in-game radio station. Across the first six months from release, Tom Staar and Kryder will release two new tracks every month from their collaboration into the game, in a first move for the video game industry. Following the launch, the game will release additional audio emotes and audio NFTs.

Having partnerships with some of the largest players in the industry, including major labels and publishers, Styngr provides developers the largest library of fully licensed mainstream music to integrate into their games and removes the obstacles typically associated with music licensing, providing opportunities for monetisation to developers of all sizes.

Alex Tarrand, Co-founder of Styngr, commented: “Seamlessly launching an entire album through a game is a groundbreaking opportunity. We are thrilled to be collaborating with record labels like Armada Music to bring brand new tracks from some of EDM’s top artists to blockchain gaming that leverages the best-in-class capabilities of the XRP Ledger. To do all this in a game as fun and competitive as Maladroids is truly something special.”

Kaj Leory, CEO of onXRP, commented: “Working alongside Styngr and Ripple to bring music to the in-game radio for Maladroids has been such a fantastic experience. It’s not everyday that independent games studios are able to launch new music from well-known artists and to do so from the release of level one is an accomplishment for our brand. We’re excited for players to get into Maladroids and compete against friends and strangers as they discover great new music from Tom Staar and Kryder.”

“It’s great to be part of this project,” Michel Peek, Armada Music’s Head of Publishing, said. “Together with these amazing partners, artists and dance producers, we’ve been able to co-create a user experience in this game, Maladroids. The dance music space has always found itself at the forefront of technological development, so working this project feels very natural to our team.”

About Styngr

STYNGR is music for gaming and the metaverse. We provide licensed popular music that allows developers to create engaging experiences within virtual worlds. Unlike navigating complex negotiations with music labels and publishers, STYNGR’S proprietary platform and SDKs simplify the process to deliver pre-cleared music with user analytics, rightsholder payments, and legal indemnification into any game. The platform shifts music from a cost center to a profit generator while providing seamless tech that allows players to personalize their audio experience, purchase music emotes, and enjoy curated radio. Offering access to more than 15 million tracks, STYNGR is a solution for importing, organizing, and monetizing the largest curated music experience within gaming and the metaverse.

Game developers can apply to access STYNGR’S pre-cleared library of music by visiting their website. To learn more about STYNGR, visit

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