Multiple Factors Fuel the Rebound of Global Crypto Market

What the New DappRadar Report Reveals about the Crypto Bear Market's Winners and Losers
  • The industry’s market capitalization now stands at $2.07 trillion.
  • Canada’s Trudeau government enacted the emergency power act.

The market has awakened to the sight of steadily increasing green numbers on the charts. While the price of Bitcoin has stabilized by over $44,000, the price of ETH has regained almost $3,000 in recent days. Thus, other altcoins are following suit.

The crypto industry is finally free of the mud that has previously strangled digital asset gains. As a result, the industry’s market capitalization now stands at $2.07 trillion, up 5.6% from the previous day.

3 Probable Factors Behind the Rapid Surge

The increase in numbers coincides with Canada’s Trudeau government enacting the emergency power act, which allows banks to freeze the assets of protest donors. In addition, crowdfunding websites and digital payments, including cryptocurrencies, are expected to be regulated by the government in the future. Investors may have been spurred into action by this new law, which sparked internet speculation.

Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development may also announce plans to regulate crypto mining. In this case, the idea is to allow mining in places where there is a long-term excess in power production. It also proposes decreasing taxes and energy costs for setting up mines and data centers as part of a larger plan. Taxation on mining profits is also included.

Adding to the strain is that inflation has surpassed 7% for the third time this year. Coined “Inflation-Protected Assets,” cryptocurrencies have become a hot commodity among investors. Furthermore, the rapid return of digital assets from the darkness of the previous inflation crisis has captivated the masses, and it seems the year will bring in a lot of unexpected moves.

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