Multi-blockchain Platform Geeq Secures $25 Million Investment

Present Scenario of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in the Region of Africa

Geeq, a multi-blockchain platform, has obtained a $25 million investment from Global Emerging Market, an alternative investment group. Using Geeq’s solutions, blockchain technology may be made more accessible to a wider audience. Unlike standard fundraising rounds, Geeq’s funding is dependent on its performance.

According to the company, their platform may be used for any blockchain application, enabling businesses and individuals to incorporate financial technology, gaming technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and micropayments, among other purposes.

The platform’s goal is to make sure that data between businesses is reliable. Stakeholders may be certain that everyone is working with the same data because of the system’s ability to keep track of all user permissions.

GEM’s capital commitment is structured such that funds are released when certain performance goals are accomplished. Like the $200 million allotted to Unizen, a CeDeFi exchange, which was based on a milestone-based and performance-related strategy, this funding is resonant.

This means that the way capital is invested in firms via GEM commitments is different from regular investment rounds. Capital commitments may become more common and less hazardous in the short and medium term as the crypto business faces an unclear future.

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