Morgan Stanley Insists on Uniform Fixed Regulations

  • Morgan Stanley puts forth their views on crypto regulations.
  • New legislation upon cryptocurrency raises speculations.
  • The U.S may soon come out with its own CBDC.

One thing which completely confuses the entire crypto market of any nation, is the frequently changing rules and regulations being imposed on them. Indeed, such changes in the regulations constantly adhere to be one of the major concerns for the nation’s crypto exchanges too. 

The more the rules and regulations change, the tougher it gets for a crypto firm to survive in the particular nation. In such aspects, the coming up of a new government, directly implies new changes and reforms for the crypto industry of the nation too. 

In such contexts, the Morgan Stanley, the American based multinational company focusing on finance and investment, puts out their views upon such legislation changes and its effects upon the common. 

Need for a Common Legislation

Accordingly, the Morgan Stanley team states that every time the political government and ruling party changes, so do the crypto regulations together. Once a new political party comes into play, one of the first changes they ought to bring upon is the revision of the crypto rules and regulations, through new legislations. 

Such constant changes directly impact the crypto industry. Therefore, it’s highly necessary for a unity upon all political parties, completely united together, when it particularly comes to the legislation upon the crypto industry. 

Moreover, the etam from Morgan Stanley states that once after the November elections, once again the legislations for the crypto industry, tax, drug prescription etc all ought to change majorly in the start of 2023. 

In addition, they add that properly defined and permanently structured regulations are a must for the crypto industry and other digital assets to sprout up. Also, the stablecoins, Bitcoin (BTC) should be devised even more properly, securely. 

Furthemore, Morgan Stanley reveals that the U.S will be soon rolling out its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by this year. 

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