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Moonstake Supports Bytom 2.0

Moonstake Supports Bytom 2.0 Blockchain News

Bytom partners with the expertise in staking, Moonstake to become the largest staking pool provider (PoS provider) in Asia. Both the firms have planned to work together in DeFi space to explore possibilities in technical growth.

Bytom is an open-source value-exchange protocol built on the blockchain. Besides, it intends to tokenize physical assets such as warrants, securities, dividends, and bonds. Users can use the Bytom blockchain to create assets with no restrictions and allow them to circulate freely. 

Significantly, collaborating with Moonstake will enable Bytom users with assurance due to its expertise in Staking. On the other hand, Moonstake users have an added option for a new digital asset. Therefore, Bytom is happy to announce the official partnership with Moonstakes for Bytom 2.0.

Moonstake was found to create a staking pool protocol to meet growing demand in regional and global blockchain markets. Moonstake launched its staking business in 2020 intending to build Asia’s largest staking network.

Moreover, since its launch, it has implemented user-friendly web and mobile wallets with the support of over 2000 cryptocurrencies.

Embracing DeFi World

The DeFi world has been gaining more attention from users and it is currently in the fire of innovation in the blockchain space. MOV (, Bytom’s DeFi protocol cluster product, is a multi-decentralized protocol product that combines cross-chain, AMM, and interest rate protocols.

Lawrence Lin, CEO of Moonstake expresses that:

“Moonstake is excited to support Bytom 2.0 and its transition to PoS. We will also collaborate closely with Bytom on co-marketing and community outreach, as well as look into deeper partnerships in the DeFi space.”

Moonstake is currently collaborating with Muse Finance and other high-profile DeFi projects. Consequently, both the firms have joined hands to explore Defi space to improve the ecosystem. Their collaboration promises to add significant value to the crypto staking and DeFi communities.

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