Mexican Senator Plans to Accept Bitcoin as Legal Tender

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  • The Mexican Senator of Nuevo Leon plans to accept Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Indira Kempis Proposes to legalize BTC as legal tender in Mexico.
  • The Senator follows the footprints of El Salvador to adopt BTC. 

As the Mexican Senator, Indira Kempis is very eager to make the country a crypto-friendly space, she is planning to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as a legal tender. The Senator is highly aiming to legalize the usage of cryptocurrencies. Thereby intended to make Mexico succeed after El Salvador for adopting Bitcoin.

Earlier in this week, when Kempis gave an interview to local media, her intention was very strong to promote the use of BTC in the country. More so, the Senator smartly plans to pass the proposed bill using her political power to succeed in her goal.

Further, when El Salvador announced to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender many countries were also planning to accept BTC in various ways. Thus, following El Salvador bitcoin adoption, the Senate aims for Mexico to adopt Bitcoin leading second in the marketplace. 

Besides, digital currencies are booming all over the world playing a vital role in the market serving huge businesses. More so, facing all crypto regulations and the financial exclusions, making BTC as legal tender will be a challenging action. So, Kempis is strategically working on the legal process to make Mexico a crypto-friendly country, which allows Bitcoin to serve as a currency for daily use. 

To escalate the legal framework, the Senator issued a bill stating the requirement during the parlimentary session including other authorities. Besides the struggle and challenges involved in the initiative, Kempis is very strong on her decision to pass the bill. 

In addition, the Senator Kempis shares,

“Bitcoin must be the legal tender in Mexico. And if the decision is not taken as in El Salvador, then it will be a challenge to initiate later.”

Significantly, El Salvador is the main hub or laboratory for the future of the crypto king, Bitcoin (BTC) in the world, she adds. 

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