Meta’s Metaverse Has Added a Brand-New Feature to Its Avatars

Meta Backs Metaverse Despite Losing Billions and Stock Price Plunge
  • This week, Meta opened and displayed a clip of all-new avatars, featuring feet.
  • Meta dropped their aim of 500K monthly active users by the end of the year to 280K.

Facebook’s predecessor, Meta, is still having trouble reaching its target market in the metaverse’s Horizon Worlds. This week, the firm showed a clip showing a brand-new avatar with legs, and it drew criticism for the presentation’s adequacy.

The huge social networking company Meta is having difficulty after trouble with their metaverse app, Horizon Worlds. The business reportedly displayed a prototype of the new graphical avatar presentation. That the platform will include in 2019 as part of its Connect address last week. The inclusion of legs connecting them to the floor. Which increased the metaverse’s sense of immersion, was one of the major enhancements in this area.

Meta Avatar Advances User Attraction and Engagement

The firm emphasizes that animation part was made with the use of instructive technology. Including motion capture, to highlight what would added to the app. In the future after the presentation, which left some viewers perplexed. Some of the fans who criticized the firm for spending the majority of the money on this without fixing the leg issue were incense these remarks.

Legs are not the primary issue Meta has with Horizon environments. The site is reportedly having trouble attracting new users and has dropped its target of amassing 500K monthly active users to 280K. According to a recent piece from The Verge. Even though the business claimed in February that the app’s structure included more than 10,000 worlds, just 9% of these worlds are visit more than 50 people.

Similarly, most users do not return after one month of browsing the site, indicating that users are becoming dissatisfied with what Horizon Worlds has to offer. However, it is not only normal users who are abandoning the platforms; Meta’s personnel are also departing.

According to business representatives, Meta’s metaverse plans are a “multiyear endeavor,” and the platform is constantly enhanced.

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