Metap: Revolutionizing Online Metaverse Multiplayer AI Game

One of the most powerful and groundbreaking versions of the playable (Metaverse) system, Metap Play, is a 100% AI initiative that will revolutionize mobile and PC gaming. For both platforms, Metap is a truly multiplayer online game.

Because the game’s ‘Beta Version’ with AI functionality currently being available, there is no development risk connected with this game. AI has also been included in a metaverse game with AAA visuals for the first time. Substantial artificial intelligence-based cloning will take place inside the game itself. Individuals from different planets in the metaverse may interact, create, and trade with one another. Users may expect exciting NFT sales of Metaverse Land, Metaverse systems and accessories.

In addition, the game will have a wide variety of planets and cities. Governing structures will be present in every universe. Players will also be able to join the management team, which will need the utilization of NFTs. There will be a strong emphasis on crafting and constructing Metap’s trading system, backed up with cutting-edge trade tools.

Around this time, Metap’s liquidity is at $750,000, and the company expects to list on many exchanges shortly. By harnessing and using the metaverse’s enormous potential and possibilities, the team hopes to build a superior NFT/GameFi blockchain ecosystem that benefits its users and investors in the long term.

There will be a new level of integration between Metap’s games and a wide range of other popular gaming platforms that have not been explored before since the team is developing shared markets. However, the major objective is to develop a community-owned project without permitting VCs and seed sales and launch on the industry’s top platforms.

The company plans to produce a playable demo within 1-2 months after the game’s release, while the complete version is expected to be ready within 3-6 months. This team will also work on the NFT marketplace for Metap and the overall economics of the game. Within the next three months, everything will be complete. In addition, a staking system will be built, and the playable prototype will be released shortly.

In addition to CoinSale, Metap has previously partnered with  Smaugsnft, iXiRSwap and Gainpool. For the present term, Metap’s greatest accomplishments have been in game design and building a growing community each day.

A total of 100.000.000 MetapCoin ($METAP) coins are in circulation, and it is the ecosystem’s native coin. November 12, 2021, is when the $METAP token contract was first launched.

The team behind the project wants to make a difference in the world by redefining the way charities are carried out. Innovating by creating a deflationary income token that allows token holders to vote on which charity should get the taxed tokens, the platform and its tokens set a precedent. This gives holders a sense of belonging to a larger community.

In addition, this is the first initiative to combine a “play to earn” gaming system with community-based charitable contributions. Because of its particularly long-term nature, it’s an excellent alternative to the more common staking+rewards model. Rewards are given based on token volume in the market, reducing the pressure early investors put on the token to sell. Additional incentives for token holders include a percentage-based tax on market transactions depending on the total number of tokens owned and their value as per the contract terms.

Through a referendum available to all users every quarter, one charity will be chosen to receive all of the tax money donated to the charity wallet. With the introduction of the token, the goal was to create a community token with a self-generating revenue mechanism for its owner while also enabling the same owners to donate to the community charity of their preference for the quarterly period.

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