MetaMask Disrupts Crypto Payment Services With Wyre 

  • MetaMask disconnects the Crypto Payment Service from Wyre
  • Wyre announces to close down its operations soon. 
  • MetaMask users can buy crypto directly from its digital wallet. 

MetaMask is a decentralized, non-custodial mobile digital wallet which enables users to store, buy, send, convert, and swap crypto assets. The crypto wallet is built on Ethereum blockchain and ranks top for popularly used crypto applications in the world. 

Further, to take a deep dive into the matter, Wyre is an onramp solution which is fixed inside the MetaMask wallet. Rather than providing a traditional financial system which creates challenges for users, MetaMask partnered with Wyre for easy access. 

But, on Jan 4, 2022 Wyre revealed stating, it is winding down its firm crypto crash and broad market slump. In addition, for the next couple of weeks, the crypto payment company will remain shut.

MetaMask Closes Wyre Crypto Payment Services 

Moreover, MetaMask removes Wire from its mobile aggregator and no more payments can be processed through Wyre. Moving forward, all the MetaMask users can send and buy crypto assets via its digital wallet itself. 

Following, MetaMask still accepts and supports the other payment gateways to its wallet. Some of them are Transak, MoonPay, and Sardine.  Besides, the services are accessible on Apple Pay, bank cards and transfers. 

More so, the MetaMask team reveals and announcement, 

“ At present MetaMask is working on extension removal of Wyre from the payment gateways. We appreciate your patience.”

Furthermore, as Wyre is shutting down its operations for another couple of weeks. The CEO of Wyre wrote an email to its employees stating that the firm will still operate but will focus on scaling back to plan the next steps. 

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