MetaMask Announces New Security and Privacy Features

  • Users can now control which functionalities make queries to external services.
  • Now users can choose from many RPC service providers.

MetaMask, a leading cryptocurrency wallet, stated on February 2 that it will provide customers with an improved experience when creating new wallets and adjusting their account’s security and privacy settings.

Users can now control which functionalities make queries to external services by toggling them in the detailed privacy settings. MetaMask said this facilitates the detection of phishing and the recognition of incoming transactions. In response to concerns raised about the performance of the default RPC (remote procedure call) provider, Infura, the ability to switch to a different provider has been added.

Users Not Confined to Default RPC Provider

ConsenSys, the company behind MetaMask, came under criticism in November following the release of an update. Infura, according to a then-currently-secretly-updated privacy policy, would “collect your IP address and your Ethereum wallet address when you send a transaction.”

In response, many people began criticizing the wallet and its developers, compelling ConsenSys to provide an explanation. With this update, MetaMask has fixed the problem by allowing users to choose from many RPC service providers. There has been a rise in assaults, particularly against MetaMask users, highlighting the need for a phishing detection tool.

Smart contracts like Monkey Drainer are being used by cybercriminals to trick people into connecting to their harmful servers. Users should get a warning from the new phishing detector if they attempt to connect to a fake wallet address. 

On January 31st, MetaMask introduced a new programme called Learn, which aims to teach people about Web3 and online security. The wallet service provider released a new portfolio manager in September to enhance customers’ overall experiences. They partnered with PayPal in December so that American users could send and receive Ethereum.

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