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Meson Network Raised $3.5M in Funding Round

Meson Network Raised $3.5M in Funding Round Exchange News
  • Meson Network raised $3.5 million in funding round.
  • Other fintech companies are also involved in the funding round.
  • The Crypto industry has seen many funding rounds.

In the funding round, the decentralized exchange and privacy platform, Meson Network has raised $3.5million. The project is focusing to build an efficient bandwidth marketplace for Web3

Moreover, the fundraising round was led by Libertus, Mask Network, and Hash Global. Also, other fintech companies involved such as Digital Currency Group, Youbi Capital, Hashkey, Zonff, SevenX, Permanent Ventures, CMT Digital, Rarestone Capital, DHVC, and Sanctor Capital.

More so, Josh Hannah, Sam Williams, Thomas Bailey, Jack Herrick, Cecilia Li, and Meltem Demirors also made a huge contribution to the funding round. Through its marketplace Meson Network is working to connect followers to bandwidth, to reach more audiences.

The CEO of Meson Network Sherlock Shi stated,

“Uniswap has demonstrated the power of enabling long-tail assets. We are also in the market of serving long-tail assets and their markets. We aim to become the world’s biggest marketplace in bandwidth.”

In recent months, the crypto industry has seen many funding rounds, with projects like Solana raising $314 million in the private token sale. Even though the exact use of the $3.5 million not yet revealed, Meson Network is currently running its Testnet-2.5. The press release also notes that the fund will be used to build a bandwidth marketplace on Web3.

Furthermore, the Meson Network bandwidth marketplace will primarily serve as a computing power source. After this, it will execute a storage protocol for storing layer projects such as IPFS and Arweave. Hence more, the Meson Network team also aims to provide intuitive support for their users to monetize their saved bandwidth through its marketplace.

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