Mercedes Joins with ART2PEOPLE 5 NFT Artists For G-Wagon NFTs

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  • Mercedes joins together with ART2PEOPLE for a new NFT project.
  • The NFT project is to be on the legendary G-class a.k.a G-Wagon.
  • The team comprises 5 different NFT artists for the project.

The Non Fungible Token (NFT) industry is flourishing like anything, with the passing of each day. Accordingly, every day there enters a new project, and the one for the latest entry is none other than the globally renowned automobile manufacturer, Mercedes Benz. In spite of this, Mercedes Benz officially declared the news upon a tweet on January 17, 2022. 

G-Wagon NFT Project

Upon the tweet, Mercedes mentioned that it has partnered up with the NFT and digital world creation and studio platform, the ART2PEOPLE for it’s NFT project. Besides, the NFt project will be solely based on the legendary off-roader till date, the Mercedes Benz G-class, a.k.a , the G-Wagon. The G- Wagon is indeed the flagship SUV from the stables of Mercedes.

 Obviously these days, the G-Wagon has translated itself into more of a prestige and pride oriented vehicle for the rich representing their status symbol rather than for it’s true off-roading capabilities. However, Mercedes is determined to make its rounds throughout the NFT industry with the G-Wagon as the first project.  

For the project, the ART2PEOPLE will be compromising a team of five different NFT artists from different sectors. They are Roger Kilimanjaro, Charlotte Taylor, Baugasm, Anthony Authie, and  Antoni Tudisco. These five NFT artists are specialized in different sectors like graphic design, fashion, music, real estate, architecture, creative marketing and much more. Furthermore, the NFT project is nearing it’s dead line and will be launched on the Nifty Gateway, NFT marketplace. The launch will take place on January 23, 2022 and the expectations are immense from the proud G-wagon owners and fans all over the world.

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