Mechanic Gets Paid in BTC for Lambo Repairs!

  • Mechanic JayFab gets BTC payments for repairing a Lamborghini Aventador. 
  • The Mechanic states it’s his first retail transaction.
  • BTC and crypto live uses are on rise evidently.

The current year, 2022 is of no surprise and indeed is an evolutionary era for both the crypto industry and the big daddy of cryptos, the Bitcoin (BTC). The past five years if looked back, crypto and BTC has come up a long way with not just being a digital currency, but indeed directly into live day to day uses. 

The usage of crypto and BTC for various live day to day uses, directly replacing fiat money is possible, with the adoption of crypto on a wide basis. Currently in the year 2022, for every 8 out of 10 people ought to have a wallet address in at least one prominent crypto exchange. 

With such rising users, it directly paves the way for replacing fiat with BTC and crypto deliberately. One such incident is the recent BTC payment by a Lambo owner to a mechanic for carrying out certain repairs. 

BTC on a Mechanic’s Perspectives

JayFab is a U.S based automobile mechanic with his workshop in Kansas city, Missouri. JayFab specializes in automotive repairs indulging in welding, fabrication and much more. Recently, he says that he received a Lamborghini Aventador, for certain repairs upon a titanium based exhaust system along with a few upgrades for the mufflers too. 

 JayFab, as usual set out to work on it and as soon as the works were over anc completed, he called the Lambo owner. The Lambo owner came and witnessed all the repairs. As the owner got satisfied with his Lambo, JayFab put out his bill. 

The Aventador owner was out of cash and so, he simply asked him for his wallet address. Without any hesitation, JayFab immediately gave it and so, JayFab got paid in BTC! With this incident, JayFab was quite amazed as he stated that this was his very first transaction for a direct retail service.  Furthermore, JayFab states that he was actively into BTC since 2016, and has gone deep enough to understand the blockchain technology too. Besides, he states that he has high hopes on BTC and prospers to have a brighter future soon.

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