Mastercard Applies 15 Trademarks, All Towards Metaverse and NFT!

Mastercard Partners With the Popular Metaverse - The Sandbox
  • Matsercard applies for 15 trademarks.
  • The two circles, and ‘Priceless’ taglines included.
  • All these filings are towards their race into Metaverse and NFTs.

Nothing to be surprised in the current world, with everyone jumping into the Metaverse and Non Fungible Token (NFT) race. One of the world’s most used and predominant payment platforms, Mastercard has always enticed itself into the crypto industry for a long time. 

 With one of the most daring steps, the Mastercard has officially applied for patent rights of 15 different attributes. All these 15 attributes clearly depict the dashing entry of Mastercard into the NFT and Metaverse sector. 

The 15 Application Fillings

Accordingly, the US Patent and Trademark has received 15 applications from the payment and finance giant Mastercard. All these 15 applications are all based upon various attributes of the firm. This includes the Mastercard Logo, the ‘Priceless’ tagline and also the two red and  yellow circles. 

In spite of all this, the team from Mastercard states that all these are solely towards their further development all linked with digital assets and the digital world. Moreover, all their applications clearly depict their strategic move towards the Metaverse and the NFT sector.

 And so, they agree and reveal their certain plans including promoting payment methods in Metaverse to be allahabad depicted with Mastercard upon the virtual world. Apart from all this, Mastercard has previously deployed about 500 employees to promote cryptocurrency as well as NFTs. In addition, Mastercard has previously even enabled payment services for NFTs upon the new NFT platform sector of Coinbase too. 

The competition is quite expected to be severe with the American Express and the Visa, all making their own application filings for their own trademarks, all targeted for the same purpose though.

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