Light Protocol’s Light V3 zkLayer is Live on Solana!

  • Light V3, the zkLayer is now live on Solana.
  • Private Solana Programs (PSP) is made ready to get started.

The Light Protocol team finally enabled the Light V3, the first ever zero-knowledge Layer (zkLayer) on Solana, the blockchain platform. It is referred to as PSP (Private Solana Programs). 

Today, the launch has taken place after several months of building the next generation of Light Protocol. This supports the developers to build anything with the help of the Solano blockchain. For example, faster and more effective private payments, booking orders with encryption, and public on-chain games with the private state.

However, it is enabled with the full zkSNARK verification with a speed equal to 400ms for one atomic transaction to process. This also supports direct settlements on Solana with no rollups thereby supporting the correct state transaction under client computation. Furthermore, this never reveals the transition by itself. 

How To Use Light Protocol?

The usage of Light protocol is made easier with the reference tutorials and documentation added on their website. Starting from the basics to the advanced including the discussions mounted on Discord with email support is supported. 

Accessible Through Github

Light Protocol has provided access to its GitHub, enabled with the security policy under the GPL-3.0 license for the developers. The Next-Gen zkLayer for Solana will make their testnet live in the upcoming months sooner with the Solana Mainnet. Meanwhile, the users can start building their PSP project anytime which also has a customization. 

Lately, in March, Light Protocol updated the $1.52M worth of Solana (SOL) that got shielded for the private transaction check when Light V1 was done with 2 million transactions. Moreover, the announcement of Light V2 seems massive among the crypto community on Twitter.

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