Leading Kuwait-based ‘Warba Bank’ Establishes Metaverse Presence

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  • The bank would also integrate new technology, such as artificial intelligence.
  • The advantages of digital services are now at the forefront of the banks efforts.

The term “metaverse” is now one of the most used in the digital age. It’s a good idea to look at this new digital world and consider what it may imply for the future of financial risk management employment.

In the metaverse, both the actual and virtual worlds are intertwined. People may engage with avatars in many ways — from socializing to buying to learning about new financial services — because they are digital 3D images of real people. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) are only a few of the technologies used in the metaverse.

Connection With Today’s Youth

Decentraland and The Sandbox are the new home to Kuwait-based Warba Bank’s two metaverse locations. In order to better connect with today’s youth, the bank has decided to establish a metaverse presence.

Anwar Bader Al-Ghaith, Warba Bank’s VP of Support Services and Treasury stated:

“Warba Bank’s interest in entering this virtual reality comes within the framework of digital trends to transform into a [Web3]. The world of virtual reality is used in several advanced fields, including services, education, health and others. And Warba Bank aims to be close to its clients in virtual reality to introduce its products and services, as well as communicating with them in an innovative way that reflects Warba Bank’s image as a pioneer in digital transformation.”

Warba Bank, according to Al-Ghaith, entered the metaverse in order to serve its younger customers better. An official statement from Warba states that the bank’s ambitious aspirations and the advantages of digital services are now at the forefront of its efforts. According to the statement, the bank would also integrate new technology, such as artificial intelligence, to better connect with the customers and provide a unique experience.

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