LBank Weekly Listing Report, 7th November 2022

LBank Weekly Listing Report, 7th November 2022

As a world class digital asset exchange, LBank continues to focus on providing its users quality projects to participate in. Here is a weekly report made by LBank Exchange presenting this week’s exciting new listings and a summary of the ones listed last week, offering users more information to help better understand these unique opportunities.

New Listings on LBank Exchange

Scheduled this week starting on 7th November.

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Project: CCX

ClearCryptos first protocol is a decentralized exchange (DEX) with an aggregated solution that will search for the best pathway for the user to swap crypto giving the user the best rates possible while also showing the user alternate routes. ClearCryptos operates as the first ever fiat on-ramp for Decentralized exchanges giving people the option to purchase crypto without having to go through centralized exchanges. In addition, ClearCryptos also provides the most unique analytics tools while also providing a state of the art trading platform where users can create and upload scripts to provide the optimal user experience.

Project: CREMOA

  • Listing date: 10th November
  • Key words: Defi, Initial list, BSC
  • Official Website:
  • About:

Cremoa is a project that operates a blockchain platform where users can participate in the renewable energy business and receive profits. It aims to form a new energy market by allowing individuals to participate in energy projects that have been difficult for individuals to carry out due to their large scale. And by engaging in renewable energy businesses, users are not just looking to address climate and environmental challenges, but also expanding and approaching businesses that are constantly profitable. The Kremoa token is used for the platform’s permissions, governance, and compensation.

Project: POPCOIN

MPopcoin is a play-to-earn game that will allow investors to win Tokens, participate in events, and most importantly EARN MONEY! Our priority is to spread income among our players who both enjoy the gameplay and need to earn. A fully player-driven economy.

Project: TRMX

TourismX Porject is a revolutionary idea for the rapid growing global Tourism Industry. Its innovative financing system creates a win-win-win for every stakeholder. TourismX Project is supported by reowned World Tourism Forum Institute and World Tourism Fund & Investment (WTFI) Holding with global vision partners from all around the world. TourismX Project will generate funds through TRMX Token and then will invest these funds into carefully selected promising Tourism projects across the globe. Once these projects become profitable in total, a part of the profit (up to 50%) will be used to buy back TRMX Tokens from the market to be locked in Treasury, decreasing the number of tokens in circulation and aiming to positively impact the price of the TRMX Token.

Project: EPIX

  • Listing date: 10th November
  • Key words: Others, Initial listing, BSC
  • Official Website:
  • About:

Byepix is a Super-Ecosystem Powered by Metaverse Blockchain, 2 Protocols, 7 Platforms, and 20+ utilities. -While we are improving Blockchain with our next-generation multi-layered interconnecting blockchain protocol that enables all current and future metaverses to flawlessly scale, connect, and communicate with each other by solving scaling, communication, boundary, and incompatibility issues in and between metaverses. -We are developing a seamless Web3-based One-Stop Unified Metaverse Platform that, with its Financial System, lifestyle, and Dao, will be a brilliant example to life on Earth.-In addition, we are developing a protocol for converting games to P2E, which will be included in our gaming platform. -And a Metaversification App that will allow users to create whole metaverses, games, and assets with only a few clicks. It will be integrated into the Byepix Creation Platform.

We’ve created an exciting ecosystem around the $EPIX token, which will operate as the center of all Byepix Platforms and the entire Super Metaverse with 15+ different usage areas. Every day, we come up with new possible use cases for the $EPIX.

Summary of Last Week’s Listings – 31st October to 6th November 2022

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